A Controversy

November 8, 2007
Depending on your personal beliefs, hearing the words “gay” and “marriage” will bring a lot of different emotions to your heart. When I hear about gay marriage, I feel no change of emotion because I have no problem with the subject. I am not homosexual, so gay marriage does not concern me. Anyone that is not homosexual should not have a problem with gay marriage. What a perfect world that would be. However, that is not the case. Gay marriage is one of the most talked about controversies in the country. Most states have banned gay marriage for unconstitutional reasons and there is a lot of fuss for nothing. If we were to allow gay people to get married and go on their happy way, there would be no problems, all of this time could then be wasted on more important issues.
I am personally in favor of gay marriage. I believe that everyone has the right to lead their lives and if they have that companionship with someone and want to take it to the next level, that is excellent. I do not interfere gay marriage with my religious beliefs, or else there would be a conflict. I believe my religion to be between a higher power and me; I do not need to involve other lives in it. It is ridiculous not to be in favor of gay marriage, ridiculous because it is someone else’s life, not yours. It is selfish to say that gay marriage is against religion because it may be against yours; maybe it’s not against a homosexual couple’s. Come on, this is somebody else’s personal life we are talking about. Their sexuality and choice to marry does not need to be picked apart by other people who have no knowledge of how it feels to be gay.
According to a CNN pole, 50% of the people polled support homosexuality but only 30% support gay marriage. Who is the mastermind behind this absurdity? If you believe that being gay is acceptable, then what is the problem with marrying? Love is a universal emotion and honestly, I don’t think it should matter who you feel it for. Let homosexuals have the life they want, instead of forcing them to endure hardships that they can not help, well, they may be able to help it, depending on your opinion of whether or not someone is born gay, or becomes gay. Nature v. Nurture. I believe that people are born gay. Either way, if you are not gay, then how can you have the right to decide whether or not gays should be allowed to marry? Heterosexuals have no idea how it feels to be gay, they should not have a say in whether or not gays can be married. I believe that before someone has the right to form their opinion or make their decision in any situation, they need to take a walk in some gay shoes.
Homosexuals can be found all over the world, but the gay marriage conflict is found mostly in America. America is a free country. Or is that just what the Declaration of Independence says? This country was based on escaping religious persecution, so what is this “pushing” the religious belief that gays should not be married? A real “free” country would allow gays to marry. Our president is Mr. George W. Bush. He is against gay marriage and has done anything he can to make it close to impossible to marry someone of the same sex in our country. This is what I call nonsense. His beliefs should not interfere with our country’s laws and opinions. This leads into the subject of separation of church and state; does that ring a bell? The definition of church and state is a political and legal doctrine which states that government and religious institutions are to be kept separate and independent of one another. Basically, there is to be no church or religion involved in the government. If the decision to ban gay marriage is because of religious beliefs, then I am quite sure that is breaking that law. Separation of church and state is to keep things simple, keep away controversy. Look what happens when you mix them to ban gay marriage. You get a whole lot of controversy. I don’t care if gay marriage is looked down upon, as long as it is not banned. This step would be a large one for mankind. It is a matter of keeping out of other peoples business, and not using your religion to make things harder for others. As I recall, religion is not meant for that. We are a democracy. Everyone should have their say, and it is made so that we do, but it seems like we don’t. Freedom is America’s number one word, so I just can not figure out why this legal right to wed would be taken away from two people
The controversy of gay marriage is one of the biggest in America. Do you really think that this should be one of the main controversies in the world today? That this should be such a big deal when we have wars going on, aids, and cancer? I don’t. What a ridiculous argument to waste time on. People do not die from gay marriage, correct? People do die from war, people do die from aids, and people certainly do die from cancer. These should be the controversies we put absurd amounts of thought into. These should be the ones we argue about to no end and hold protests for. Gay Marriage should not be a controversy; it shouldn’t even be a big deal. It should be a right that gays are given in this free country we know as America.
All of these arguments I have made are based around a simple opinion I have, we can not treat gays any differently then we treat ourselves. We cannot view them as inhuman like it seems most anti- gay marriage people do. They are humans, and they are no different from anyone else. I believe everyone can form their opinion and they can share it with others, but there is no reason to think that their opinions are correct and the country should be based off of them. Any human, whether white, black, fat, skinny, old young, homosexual, or heterosexual, should be able to experience love and marriage without having to be humiliated because their opinions and beliefs are different from someone else’s.

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