Trip to Virginia

November 8, 2007
On August 4, 2007 my cousin Rachel moved to Midlothian, Virginia. My mom and I went down with them to help unpack. It took us a day to get there, but it was worth it even though it took three extra minutes to find the house. The same night we unpacked about half or so of their stuff, and yet I still got to play my Nintendo DS. Rachel chose her room, which turned out to be a nursery, which was funny, because it was the second biggest bedroom in the house. My Uncle Chris got us all something to eat at McDonald’s, that was the only food place open 11:30 at night

We unpacked all the stuff into the rooms they belonged in on the very next day. That night my cousins Rachel, Kristyn and Michael along with Kristyn’s friend Ronnie and myself played hide-and-go seek, I was “it” first and found Michael right off the bat, he was in Kristyn’s bedroom closet, then Rachel, behind her big stuffed dog in a room with no lights, Ronnie, under my Uncle Chris’ and Aunt Robin’s bed in a ball, and lastly Kristyn, in the last place anyone would look, under the upstairs sink.

There was a place we went out to on the hottest day we were there, where there was miniature golfing courses, go-karts, bumper boats, and an arcade. It was really funny at the bumper boats, because my mom’s boat was broken, the boats squirted water out by pressing a button on the steering wheel and there was another button that made the boat move, and the button which squirted out water was stuck, so she started spraying my cousin Kristyn in the face with the water while we were still at the loading bay. I was behind my cousin Kristyn and getting hit with water as well. After that we went to the go-karts to let the wind dry us off. Then we miniature golfed on a semi-hard golf course where my mom, Aunt Robin, my cousins Rachel and Kristyn were sun bathing. After a long day we went to Outback for dinner.

The final day we were there it was time to leave Virginia to come back home to New York. We drove to the airport in Norfolk, which was over an hour to get there. We were flying home along with my cousin Brian and Ronnie. Everyone was almost sobbing when it was time to go. I knew that I would miss my cousin Rachel a lot because we have never been apart for more than a couple of weeks since I was born.

This was one of the saddest moments of my life so far. This event has made a change in my life, this event has helped me appreciate my family a little bit more, and I will especially miss my cousin Rachel, because we can barely be apart from each other for long periods of time. The only two good things about this are is that Rachel has a HUGE house and that Rachel has already come up to visit for a few days in early October and will be visiting again the first week of November. I always try to make the most out her visits. If I have good grades during the entire year, I might be able to stay at her house for a month or so during the summer.

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