November 8, 2007
I’m just a normal kid with a normal life but one day I was worried about something. It was paintball I have never played it before. Every one said that it really hurts but I was really excited.

It was my friend’s birthday party. There were 8 people there to make the teams fair. DJ, Nick, Matt B, Matt J, Timmy, Tony, Jake and I. The party was for 3 hours. The place we went to was 1st Prize Paintball Arena. When we got there I was shaking same with every one that hasn’t played before. When we walked in I couldn’t concentrate because it felt like World War II. we had to sign a waver saying if we got shot in the eye or died the you cant sue them because it wasn’t there fault.

There are 5 fields that you can play on. The first one is called a regulation X-ball field it has a lot of balloons. The second one is hyper ball field this one has lots of tubes coming out of the ground. The next one is called the village it has a lot of houses (second favorite). The fourth one is the trenches it has these man mad trenches that you can go in and surprise them. Last but not least are the trenches, and the village plus a lot of woods. The big one is my favorite.

The first round was played on the hyper-ball were you could get shot easily. I didn’t like that one. The next one we played was the regulation X-ball field. I went to go hide behind a bunker when I slipped in a blue piddle. I got all wet and muddy. Then we played the village. That one was fun because I lasted a long time. Then we played the middle one! We were hiding in this one spot, but then we went to another place were there was a lot of paintballs laying around and Jake was out of CO2 and I was out of paintballs so he gave the paint balls to me and we won. We played all these places 3 times.

So try it you don’t know if you’ll like it or not, and trust your friends. I did and now that is one of my favorite sports. You can also brag saying that you played paintball. I have met people that like to play this cool new sport like AJ he is on a team. My friends and I try going more but it cost like 50 dollars. My parents don’t let me get a gun because I don’t have anywhere to shoot it.

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