On Their Shoulders

November 8, 2007
Crack! Everyone heard as I hit a triple to the outfield driving in two runs. But we were still losing by 6.

One day last June, my baseball team and I had just finished a season with a 14-0-0 record.

Then my coach asked me and my parents if I could go to an all-stars league and play for the championship. So when he told us the dates I could only make three out of the nine games. The reason was because I’m going to Texas to visit my mom and family. My parents tried hard to change my plane tickets so I could play more games. The result was that now I could make seven out of the nine games.

So then after six long games, we were undefeated. Then, it came down to the last day for me to help my team win another game.

In the first inning, when I first walked on the field, it felt like winning American idol. It felt like my insides were doing flips. Plus with everyone cheering it was even more intense. In the first inning, I grounded out. In the third inning, I flew out. In the third inning, the score was 8 to 14. Then in the fourth inning, I got an out on defense, and then I hit a double. Then in the fifth inning, I hit a triple, and at the end of the fifth the score was 16 to 14 we were losing. Even though we were losing my team and I where doing great, this was the first game that everyone on the team got a hit! Then in the last inning I was up to bat. The count was 0 and 2 with a man on second and third with two outs. When the pitch was coming, I swung, then crushed one to the fence, and went all the way around the bases and scored! It was 17 to 16 us.

Then they had 1 more chance two win, and there was a man on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Then the guy grounded one 5 feet away from me, and I dove, caught it, stepped on 2nd and whipped it to 1st. I was so shocked I got a double play to win the game. Everyone was really happy, and they carried me off of the field on there shoulders. As they were carrying me off the field, I was thinking to myself anything’s possible if you don’t give up and always try your hardest you will succeed. This motivated me to do baseball every year because I love baseball and I want to go to the MLB.

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