Trial Outcome

November 3, 2010
By Anonymous

The trial outcome in To Kill a Mockingbird is completely unfair for three reasons. First, Bob Ewell’s testimony was sketchy and untrue. For example, he claimed that Tom Robinson beat and raped Mayella, his daughter. If his claims were true, Bob would have called for a doctor to come and examine her. Furthermore, since he wrote his name with his left hand, he would have most likely have hit the right eye of Mayella’s. Secondly, Mayella’s testimony is just as flawed as her father’s. For instance, she was dramatic and inconsistent with her answers. She couldn’t remember details about beating, and cried hysterically about Atticus’s intimidation when he interrogates her. He calls her “Miss Mayella” and “Ma’am,” which frightens her. Finally, Tom Robinson’s testimony is detailed, to the point, descriptive, sensible, and truthful. However, he makes a mistake when he says, “I felt sorry for her.” Because it was a black man saying this about a white woman, there is a dead silence in the courtroom. The jury was shocked and therefore he was found guilty. The trail outcome in To Kill a Mockingbird found Tom Robinson guilty.

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