Rude People vs. Polite People

November 1, 2010
By anzia6 SILVER, Quaker Hill, Connecticut
anzia6 SILVER, Quaker Hill, Connecticut
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The problem we will be investigating in this experiment is how to deal with rude people. We have yet to discover a cure for this inconvenience; this lab is specifically to evaluate the effects the substance, Rude People (Rp) has on a controlled substance, Polite People with Manners (Pp).

Background & Safety Information-

Since the beginning of Chemistry and even before that, the world has tried to experiment on and has been observing a very reactive chemical, Rp. In its scientific name Rude People, is a dangerous chemical that can poison/mutate others if they are around it too long. Wear all necessary protective clothing when using or even in the same room as this chemical. At times you may want to quite the experiment and throw the beakers filled with this ungrateful, spoiled chemical at the wall. NOTE: You are better than that, the experiment will be over soon.


If Rude People (Rp) is mixed with the following chemicals: Respect (R), Proper Etiquette (Pe), Non- selfishness (Ns), Good Comments (Gc) and Timing (T) then the reactivity, amount and strong smell of the Rude People (Rp) would be reduced drastically.


After many tests it was discovered that the strong reaction this chemical, Rude People, has can easily be transferred to anyone. It was found however that many other chemicals are strong enough to withstand Rp, similar to having a choice. The chemicals that could withstand were ones that had Respect (R), Proper Etiquette (Pe), Non- selfishness (Ns), Good Comments (Gc) and Timing (T). No other chemical seemed to bond with Rp and the two substances separated immediately after mixing. If Rp had these qualities it would have such a drastic affect, not only on the world of chemistry but planet earth as a whole would be a better place to live; free of this deadly chemical.


Although there wasn’t a drastic change when the substance were mixed with Rp, If Rp wasn’t such a strong, picky substance, the other chemicals would have bonded with it and a reaction would have occurred in which my hypothesis would be prove correct. All we can do is hope.

**WARNING: If after this experiment you feel: upset at the world for no reason, disrespectful, snippy, have a lack respect for others and their privacy, like you don’t want to say “hello” or “thank you” at the appropriate times…. (see following 5 pages for more side effects)

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