October 27, 2010
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She made mistake,we all make mistakes. At first its the best day of her life, she finally gets her fairy tale story to come true. Its 3:00 and its time for her to say her vows, its the time she have been waiting for. Well, the day she thought was the best, actually turned out to be the worst days ever. Now in the present day, they are arguing,and they cant get along.Shes crying, he is yelling and you are silent. The mistake was marrying him. The only good thing was that you were born. He never hit her, he would never lay a hand on a women, but he hurt her with his words. His words were like razor sharp knifes that were plunged deep into her heart. She may heal over time, but her heart will always be scarred. His words will always be burned into her memory, she can never forget the hurtful words he has aimed at her. Everyday when he is done yelling, you come into the house with the most depressed face, a face that you have seen one to many times. She attempts to hide her tears from you, but you are not stupid, you see them. You see them perfectly clear. She made a mistake, and you understand, for every one mistakes. Life is full of mistakes, hatred and pain.
Dedicated to a very close friend.

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Celia_storm said...
Dec. 22, 2010 at 12:24 pm
okay, I understand this is not the best article here, but it would help a lot if some one gave tips and pointers. Just tell what you think of this article. Thanks
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