October 21, 2010
By Jorge Lorza BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jorge Lorza BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Teens do a lot of things these days. They go to school and hang out with friends. Sometimes teenagers do good things. But sometimes teens do things that are gruesome. Some times, teens get talked into doing something they don’t want to do. But once they do, there’s almost no turning back. Some things that teens do become addictions. And once you get addicted to something, you never want to stop.

A lot of teenagers like to do drugs. Either because it makes them feel good, or a friend tells them to. Drugs are terrible for your bodies. It can actually kill you. Some teens get talked into drugs either by a stranger or by peer pressure. People can lie to you. They’ll tell you that once you smoke, all your troubles will be gone. But once you do, your troubles will only start.

There are a lot of drugs teens do today. The most common one is marijuana. This drug and many more can lead to death. A lot of teens do it secretly but some teens don’t care who watches. If you smoke anything, it can lead to lung problems. But with this drug, it can lead to heart, brain, and lung problems.

There are a lot of things we can do to stop or prevent teenagers from doing drugs. If you know someone who smokes, tell a teacher, parent, or councilor about it. If you are a good friend, you’ll tell them immediately. If someone asks you to smoke, you can just say no. You can ask somebody for help, or stay away from people who do drugs.

Many teens do drugs. They shouldn’t, but they do. If you’re a good friend, you’ll stop them. Don’t let peer pressure make you make bad decisions or do something you know you’ll regret the rest of your life. You can live a happy healthy life by not doing drugs. Or you can be happy for a short time and die doing drugs. Nobody should do drugs, especially teens.

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