Seeking Redemption

October 20, 2010
By nynehearts SILVER, Beaufort, South Carolina
nynehearts SILVER, Beaufort, South Carolina
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Life is too short, grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances, give everything. Have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy you have to take the good with the bad. Smile when you're sad, love what you got, and always remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret people. Change and things go wrong, but always remember life goes on.

I thought this day would never come. No one thought it would come this soon, the destruction of everything. Only a few others live in this world trying to survive and I’m one of them.

I woke up on a sunny Monday morning, grumpy as usual. I slid on a pair of torn skinny jeans, my favorite band tee, and my favorite converse that I’ve had for years. It was the usual morning routine: Mom constantly yelling at me that I’ll miss the bus as I fix my hair slowly and delicately. I then zone off as I look at the imperfect me in the mirror, Long light brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. Most people think I’m like the perfect girl, but when I push my hair out from my eyes they see the scar that’s damaged my face. I got the scar from a horrible incident with my mom, she tried to murder me as a child and some reason I just had to live.

My mother breaks me from my trance and I grab my things for school and head out the door. I meet my only friend out on the sidewalk, He’s been my friend since kindergarten; my friend Allister.
“Hello sleepy-head. Glad to see you’re actually here.”
“Ha. Yeah me too, my mom wouldn’t stop yelling for me to get up.”
“Well I’m glad you made it. I want to talk to you before we get to school Ziva.” He says smiling innocently.
“About what?” I give a puzzled look up at him.
“Well, if we ever begin walking then I can tell you.”
“Fine, lets go.”

We begin walking down the sidewalk in a slow pace and I could see a very ecstatic look on Allister’s face. He looks over at me and smiles and lightly tries to hold my hand.
“Ziva, I’ve been wanted to tell you something for a very long time.”
“What is it?”
“Ziva….I love you. I’ve always loved and I don’t want anything to happen to you, I understand if you don’t like me the same because I’ll always be your friend as long as I am with you. Just please stay with me.”
He stops and turns me towards him as he looks deep into my eyes. I see so much emotion and truth within them, his eyes sparkle just like the stars on a clear moonless night. He leans in slowly as he tries to kiss me as I continue to stare into his ocean blue night sky eyes. He lightly kisses me so passionately that it takes my breath away. He pulls away slowly and smiles so delicately at me.
“Ziva you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that and I thank you for it.”
“I know, you don’t like me the same way and I understand I won’t bother you about it anymore.”
“No Allister it’s not that I do love you, I’ve always loved you and just now I noticed how much you mean to me. I notice that you look so fragile and beautiful. You’re so delicate and passionate and I love you. Please, do not leave me ever.” I say as I hug him tightly and tears start forming in my eyes.
“Oh Ziva, you’re so cute. I would never leave you because if I leave you then that means I have to kill myself and no one wants that.” Says Allister as he gently strokes my cheek and looks deep within my eyes.
“Allister never say that. If something horrible ever happens to me please never kill yourself. Live life and find someone else, I want you to be happy, so please just live life.”
I snuggle close to him and then we begin walking to school slowly, then we decide to just skip for the day and we head over to a secluded spot in the woods. We sit in the shade as we watch the wind unfurl the trees and make them dance to nature’s song. I rest my head upon his chest and look up at the sky, smiling as birds glide along with rays of the sun. He hugs me close to him as we sit in silence for quite some time.
“I love you Ziva. I always will, no matter what happens.”
“I love you too Allister. I hope nothing splits us apart.”

We then hear a strange sound coming our way. It was noisy and whatever it was seemed to not care on where it was walking. It then stumbled out onto the open field staring at us. White blood-shot eyes and covered in blood and dead flesh. It made this weird noise as it silently came toward us. Allister grabbed a sturdy, fallen branch and swung at the creature's stomach. It didn't even cringe in pain.
“Why didn’t it cringe?” He swings again at the creature but instead at the neck. It’s neck came off but was still attached by the nerves and muscles holding it there, yet it still kept coming.
“That thing isn’t alive Allister. Lets run away, you might get hurt.” I exclaim while trying not to scream in fear.

Allister takes one last swing at the monster and knocks its head clean off as it falls to the grass with a loud thump. We stand there standing in shock making sure the thing wouldn’t get back up and try to attack us again. Once we knew we were safe we ran down to my house to tell my mom of the experience we just had. We ran out into the clearing and noticed the area was eerily quiet, we came to a brisk walk and hurried to get into my house to check the news of any weird reports.
“It doesn’t look like there is anything on. Maybe we got rid of the only one before it reached this area.” Allister assumed before listening to the entire news cast.
“Allister, you don’t know that. Listen to all the news before you give an assumption.” I grab the remote away from him and turn the news back on and plop down on the couch worriedly.
“FINE mother, but I’m telling you there is not going to be anything about –“ The news interrupts our conversation as the man is screaming above the crew trying to hold back the door.
“Anyone, please help us! Something! Something is here, trying to get in! OH GOD! OH GOD! THEY’RE IN! THEY’RE EATING THEM ALL ALIVE! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US! No! Get away from me! Noooo!”

We see the creatures attack the man and the blood splashing onto the camera. One of those creatures looks directly at the camera and we see the horrid detail and just the horror that creeps off of it. It then starts bashing its head against it and tries to eat it as the camera is turned off. We stare silently shocked at the TV thinking the same thing…this can’t be happening. I creep into Allister’s arms and silently weep as he hugs me tightly crying also.
“Allister, I’m scared…I don’t know where my parents are and I don’t want this happening to us..” I whispered while crying into his shirt.
“Don’t worry Ziva, I’ll protect you with my life.” He assured hugging me tighter.

He then gets frigid and stone cold as I look up at his face to see a feared look upon it, his eyes lost the vibrant color and they were just pale white. It was disturbing to look at and I was frightened when I saw them, it was worse then the faces of the creatures. I look to see what he was staring at and almost fainted from the sight. It was my parents, covered in blood. Their skin was covered in blood, rotting dead. Their eyes were as white as snow and they showed no signs of being alive…they were one of them.
“MOM! DAD!” I scream while crying loudly.

The creatures look blankly over by where we are and slowly walk towards us. Allister grabs a hold of me and drags me out the back door and holds me while looking around for something. He grabs hold of a broken metal bar and heads towards them. I try to stop him but he glares at me with a sad and bound look on his face. I let him go and watch him walk slowly towards them as I curl up and cry silently trying not to listen to the bones crushing and the blood spilling. Allister comes back out of breath and sits next to me. He wraps his arm around me and comforts me soothingly, in which to my dismay, cheers me up. I get up and clean myself off and hold my hand out to Allister.
“C’mon, we can’t stay here any longer. There’s bound to be more out there and we need to get weapons and a vehicle to find somewhere safe.” I expressed with no tone within my voice.
“Ziva I’m sorry. I had to do it, and you know it. If I didn’t we’d be one of those things by now and I can’t have that. I love you to much for you to be the walking dead.”
“Allister it’s fine. I know you had to do it, I’ll get over it and I’m glad that they are now dead…in a way. They are in a better place instead of suffering.” I reassured him by hugging him as he got up.

We walk out the door and look up at the sky. A clear blue Monday afternoon, got the boyfriend of my dreams, lost my parents but gained the freedom of a teenager. What I didn’t realize that this was the beginning of the end and that my life was forever going to change until Allister and I find a way to reverse the mess and live happy. We got into the car and drove off into the bloody horizon, praying for an end to the end.

The author's comments:
I thought of writing a horror/romance from a dream I had gotten. Alot of my dreams are about zombies so I thought I would make a book using some ideas from them and I've always wanted to write a romance but could never finish them.

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