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October 14, 2010
By jettycanfly BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jettycanfly BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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BAM my friend had the biggest tug on the line that I have ever seen.
Then, WHOOSH the fish jumped out of the water.
All I could see was a big splash and then well u probobly can tell what happend.
BOOM "dang" kettle stated,
the fish got away.
Then I said "Dont worry kettle you will get her agian".

The next day I go to fish. When I get there all I notice is two guys and a gigantic king salmon.
in 2 hours when was about to leave, kettle opened the king salmon and then and found what looked like fish eggs, and not the ones u eat (yet).
kettle said "Josh, would you like some king salmon eggs?" "oh yes, please!" I exclaimed.

The fish eggs were orange and very messy, I had squished fish eggs all over my hands.
So, when i got home i put the them in the freezer and in two days they were white as paint and red as blood mixed, but they weren’t pink.

In a day I went to Prat pier and, using the fish eggs, I caught a fifteen inch coho salmon.

“O snap! O snap!” I exclaimed. The coho was about 4 pounds and it almost broke my fishing rod. “Ok, I need help to pull it out.”

The author's comments:
this is somthing that really happend to me

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