The Skin Im in

October 11, 2010
By Lia Woods BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Lia Woods BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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The name is Alison, Alison Wilds. I said as me and my best friend Tarrin played around with the video camera. As she zoomed in on me, I started to dance crazily. Although I’m only 5’2 I’m a big ball of energy! My hair was in a very sloppy ponytail with many loose pieces. It really didn’t look bad against my warm light caramel colored skin though. The Michigan weather had done my skin great justice. We finally settled down on my queen-sized bed and began to talk.

The next day at school I had noticed a girl in the hallway I had never seen be for. She wore dark clothes and had pale skin. I wanted to meet her. So I did.
As I walked toward her my palms began to sweat and my heart beat a mile a minute. As I came closer, I began to talk. “Hi I’m Alison.” I said in a friendly voice. “I’m Kara,” She replied in a low grunt. “Are you new here?” I asked. “Yeah,” she replied in another low grunt. “Well… um I just wanted to come and say hi, and if you need anything or help with anything I’ll be around”. “Thanks,” She replied. As I turned to walk away, I had a thought. Maybe I should invite her to hang out sometimes. As quick as the thought came, the words were coming out of my mouth. “Umm sure”, she said in a not so sure voice. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

After school, I had gotten into my car and searched for my BlackBerry. Contacts. Kara. New Text.

Hey Kara just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out later on.

I sat waiting for a reply. I sat my phone down and started my car. A high pitched ding caught me off guard. I grabbed my phone and saw “New Text from Kara”. I opened it,

Umm. Yeah sure. I just have to go home first. Maybe the mall, 6.

“Ok.” I replied.
I went home and played the waiting game. When the clock read 5:43 I decided to head to the mall. When I arrived to the mall, I took a few deep breaths and got of my car.

I first spotted her at the food court. She looked as she had been crying. I immediately walk toward her. I sat my bag on the chair, and asked what was wrong? She didn’t reply. She looked up and began to speak. But I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She reached her head up again and began to speak clearly. “Ever since I moved here, I had been jealous of you. Although I hadn’t known you long, I always envied you. “ She said sadly. As I began to take in what she had just said, I began to speak. “My life isn’t what I make people believe”, I said “My house hold is a reck, but I find ways to overlook it. If people really knew me they wouldn’t think as much of me. I may try to portrait this little miss prefect but I’m not, never will and never could be, I’m just comfortable in my own skin.

As months passed by Kara and I had became close friends. We both learned to accept our selves and each other’s situations. It took a new true friend or me to find and accept myself for who and what I am. New friends can always benefit you, so reach out today and try to make one!

The author's comments:
This piece really speaks home to me, because i've been in Alison's shoes.

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