October 10, 2010
By Anonymous

My best friend and I have strange Conversations about who is prettier. We will be walking and it will come up. It always starts the same; one of us bashing about our face or weight and the other one denying and calling the one who bashed some synonym of beautiful. This will go on forever. We are sisters and we love each other so. However both of our self-esteems are very low. Sometimes I feel i need her to tell me something good about myself. I like to know other peoples opinions about myself. I want to be perfect, even though people say being perfect is impossiable. Why not try?
Things have changed since then, my best friend found someone whitch i can't stand and she has that look in her eye saying they will be together forever. When i know he will tear her heart to peices. So she leaves me behind, in her dust she found someone else who is more than a sister. I want to remind her that friens are better than boyfriends, and remind her that friend will stick by you thriugh think and thin. But somewhere in my heart I knoe that we are not friends any more. She barly looks at me. And even deeper in my heart I know that i am jealous, not of her particular boyfriend, but that she gets one that just screams that I was right when I declared that she was way more beautiful than I.
Shes not here, and all I need is one of those conversations.

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