Animal Abuse

October 10, 2010
Do you have a love for animals? Horses, dogs, cats, or even frogs and snakes? No matter the size of an animal, they all are important in this world. Many people might not notice it, but animals are abused every day. They are left to starve, are beaten, and are abandoned. People can’t afford their animals so they leave them to fend for themselves. Domestic animals rely on us to feed them, provide shelter for them, and love them. They are not just disposable napkins you throw away after a few uses. There are many abused animals out there. People see them, and turn their backs and look the other way. They act like they don’t know. If you see any animal, big or small that is being abused call your local police or the humane society in your area. It’s just one phone call that doesn’t cost a fortune. It doesn’t mean you will have to take the responsibility of the care for that animal, you just saved their lives. If one phone call doesn’t change the situation, don’t give up! Keep calling and complaining about the treatment of the animal. Eventually, someone will do something. Never approach the person that is abusing the animal unless you want to have the new responsibility of that animal. My family has rescued many animals in the past, and found new homes for them. Remember, don’t abuse your animals, and help other animals who are being abused.

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horsegurl14 said...
Oct. 21, 2010 at 7:59 pm
Ok, so I wrote this. What do u guys think?? Be honest please. I know my spelling isnt the greatest so u dont have to correct me on that just let me know what u think of the article.
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