Throwing My Heat

November 8, 2007
When I was 10 years old I played a very competitive year of baseball. My dad though I would be rewarded for playing so well. One hot summer weekend we got a phone call it was MR Jones. He was one of the coaches at the little league. He was calling to know if I wanted to play on the all-star team. My dad said yes with happiness. We had many practices about three weeks of hot days of practice. I thought that we had gotten better and better every practice.

Then before you knew it there was our first game. We played our tournament in Ravena the Hudson valley little league. It was a smaller field then the field we played on that year. I was really nervous when I was warming up. Coach Jones told me to go over to the bullpen and warm up I was wondering why coach would want me to pitch when he could have someone else do it. When I was done warming up I went over to Coach Jones. He asked me how I did and felt. I replied saying “I feel good and I think I did well. Coach said he saw me the whole time and I did pretty well. So then time came to take the field. It felt like I was throwing harder and more accurate.

I got through the first three innings in a one, two, and three. I felt like a king on his throne. The adrenaline was running through my body. I was so pumped that I didn’t care who came to the plate. Even if it was Babe Ruth. I was ready to get them out by striking them out, flying out, grounding out, and lining out. II finished the game throwing a no hitter we got the victory. Pine Bush 6, West Albany 0.

This event is very important to me because it taught me a lesson. The lesson it taught me was that if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything. If you try hard enough and work at it. You can follow through with your dreams. I hope my story has made an effect on you.

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