My Toughest Time

November 7, 2007
Lucy was a great dog. I’ve had her for years. She was one of the best dogs that I have ever had. Then my parents wanted to get a divorce. We had to give Lucy away and it turned out to be a night mere.

When I was about 6 years old and my brother was about 3 and my sister was just born we got a great dane. She was so good. So we named her Lucy. She was so beautiful and we were all so happy that we finally got another dog. All we did was play with her. When we all had friends over we would have a blast just playing with Lucy! Lucy was the calmest dog I’ve ever met. I always taught her how to do tricks! It was really fun! When ever we had a party or we had friends over we would play a game and Lucy would play too. The game we mostly played was “Hide-n-Go-Seek”. Lucy actually found us when we would hide! Very quickly too! It was really funny! Those were the good old days. Then my parents wanted a divorce. And it was one of the worst things that happen in my life. And I never wanted our family to come to an end like this. I was even more upset when I found out we had to give Lucy away. It was a night mere.

At first I didn’t understand why my parents wanted a divorce. But when I constantly saw and heard them fighting I kind of got the idea why they wanted it a divorce. I guess they didn’t like each other enough to fix there problems and move on. When they fought or yelled at each other I would go into my room look out my window and cry. I would wish that things would be ok. My wish didn’t come true and I was very disappointed.

The people were here to see Lucy and I couldn’t believe that my mom and dad were actually giving her away. They said when we first got her that we would never give her away. They promised all of us, especially me. They broke that promise and I was really upset. Running into my room, tears running down my face. I couldn’t understand anything anymore. Lucy came in and I hugged her so tight. I played with her and watched her play with her toys. She came over and licked my face whipping the tears up. That was the only thing that could cheer me up at that moment. My mom and dad came in and hugged me. They told me this is the best for Lucy. I understood but I was still very upset.

Everyday after that when I came home from being out somewhere Lucy would either be gone or the new owners would be waiting. I cried everyday and I hated the feeling of loosing Lucy. Then that one-day came. The one that I was hoping would never come. The owners were outside putting a leash on Lucy. I ran outside screaming “you can’t take her!” And my mom and dad gave me a look. I ran up to Lucy with tears in my eyes. I told her that I would love her and I would never forget her. I watched her head disappear into the trees as they drove away. But Lucy went off to e better life. She was a mascot for a football team and she was on TV. Even though I missed her so much I was happy because she was.

Before my parents got a divorce my dad ran into Lucy’s owner. Jim was his name. He told my dad Lucy had passed away. I was devastated. I couldn’t sleep that whole night. All I could think about was that day and all the good times we had together and how our family was great. I was so upset.

So my parents got a divorce and everything was fine. Then my dad met a girl named Lisa and she had a daughter named kailynn. There both really nice and I like them a lot! I’m really happy for my dad. Sometimes I wish it was me, my brother, my sister, and my dad. But I’m glad my dad isn’t alone anymore and that he is happy. My mom has met someone to. His name is West. I really like him. I’m so happy that my mom has found someone like him. Both of my parents are happy and that’s what makes me happy!

I like how everything is now and I hope it will never change. Hopefully this is where my life is truly beginning! My so what is that you should never give up on hope. I think that people also might be in this situation but they can overcome it and understand that that’s how life is. I know I did and I’m proud that I did! I love my family now and I hope its going to stay that way! I love you guys so much!

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