The World Goes 'Round

October 8, 2010
By machadosays BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
machadosays BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Fate has a funny way of getting everybody, whether it be death, or love; fate is all that it comes down to.

A party, some drinks, a car ride and no memory- who knew that these things would be the recipe for a beautiful relationship: my beautiful relationship.

It was a hot July night the summer before my sophomore year. My friends had decided to go to a party that their friends were going to have. Paige and Britini; two people I can honestly thank for who I am today- I thank them for dragging me out of the house and making me go.

Plano is our destination. Gigantic houses and streets that you would literally get lost going down. Everything looked the same- exactly the same; tall, tall trees, gigantic white houses, street lamps on every street corner. The only thing that would change was the street name. We turned down street after street searching for a house in the neighborhood where none are different. And finally, without me noticing, we arrived.

“Oh my goodness, this place is huge!” I thought to myself as I stepped out of the car. I had never been inside a palace before, but I had seen pictures and this place resembled quite a few.

We walked in, and there were two staircases leading upstairs- like in any rich man’s palace, backdoors straight, one room to the right and one room to the left. The foyer area was big enough to put three classrooms in. We walked up one staircase and found the movie theatre, and to our surprise, found yet another staircase leading down to the pool room; this was where everyone was.

This was where he was. Standing at about six feet talk, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a handsome smile. He introduced himself as “Junior”, but the way he said it- looked right at me and said it, made the butterflies in my stomach flutter at high speeds. I had to have him; all to myself.

Everybody walked outside and sat at a glass table by the pool. Some decided to drink and smoke hookah; others decided to add swimming or jumping into the hot tub. But I stayed by him.

Laughing at the things he said and learning as much as I could about who “Junior” was and where he had come from.

We talked about what his real name was; “Epifanio” and who his parents were- and we talked about his childhood. Low and behold, my new friend Epifanio was the kid I had played with when I was younger.

Air soft guns, big jackets and dirt were our shared interest, and boy, were we good.
We share more stories- after a few more drinks, and find out why we hadn’t seen or talked to each other since that cool summer day: his parents had a falling out of some sort. I told him I had always referred to him as “the kid that played with us down the street at Jamie’s.” And he let out a laugh and said; “well now you can put the face with the name.” It made me smile, and probably blush like never before. Then he nudged my arm and asked me to a friendly game of pool. And, of course, like a shy school-girl, I let out a smile and a laugh and said, “of course, but when I lose, you promise not to make fun of me?” He laughed, “Of course not.” Then he leads me away into the pool room we were in not even an hour and a half before.
Me and him; the only two people in that room. It felt insanely amazing to have him all to myself. So we could talk and I could figure him out.
Of course, when you’re not-so-sober, what you want to say comes out in short gurgles; or you think that you’re saying one thing because in your head it seems right, but what you really say is nothing even remotely close. This is what happened to me- my mouth said one thing, my mind another.
He laughed at me, yet again, and said my drunk self was pretty cute. I could feel my cheeks burning up as he was standing right in front of me.
We had forgotten about the game and were stuck eye-to-eye. Neither one of us thinking it awkward in any way. Both of us leaning into one another; but as if right on cue: Enter Paige practically screaming, “Hey guys! How come ya’ll are in here by yourself?!” Her words are slurring, she’s dripping wet and she’s stumbling all over the place. Great way to ruin the moment and ruin our almost kiss.
“So…uh…you know anything about cars?” He asks to break the awkwardness that was us standing there. I kindly reply, “Yes, indeed I do. My dad is quite the grease monkey and I normally help.” I could see his eyes light up as he pulled out his keys and said, “I’ve got something to show you.”
We stumble outside towards a white, 200 Camaro with 20” rims and a nice cloth interior. “Want to go for a ride?” He asks, “It will be fun.” I look up and say, “Yeah that would be great.” But after that, my memory gets fuzzy. I can’t remember where we went or what we did. All I remember is coming back, my hair a mess, feeling horrible and wanting to go home.
He did something to me. But I could never figure it out. “You guys have been gone for four hours!” Parker says, “What the hell happened?” Hung-over, I reply, “I’m not sure: were we really gone that long?” My world was just turned upside down.
After that night, Junior and I hadn’t been the same. Rumors of rape spread and I felt like a reprehensible human being.
It started fights; fights that I never wanted. But one apology had changed all of that. My apology to him for saying some of the things I did and acting the way that I had.
Amazingly, he accepted my apology and asked me out; real date this time. No alcohol allowed. Fruitealicious is where we ended up: playing board games and having a great time. But once they closed, the park was our final destination: Kid’s corral, a park made entirely out of wood; and the place where our first kiss would take place.
It was ten o’clock at night and we were sitting in the parking lot- ready to leave. I grab his keys and run; circles around that pretty white Camaro. He chases me and pleads for me to give his keys back. Finally he catches me, as I’m trying to open the drivers’ side door, and spins me around so that he’s leaning up against the car and I’m leaning up against him. “Oh, this is perfect” is what I’m thinking. He looks down, holding my hands, his forehead against my chin. I lift his head up and kiss his forehead gently. He looks at me and right on cue: kisses me back.
It felt so right and never did I want it to end. But like Cinderella; I had to be home before I turned into a pumpkin. My kiss with my Prince Charming had to come to an end.

On the ride home, we laughed even more and had a great time. He looked at me, when we pulled up at my house, and said, “We definitely need to hang out again.” I smile back and say, “You have my number and you live two streets away. Call me or come by anytime.” And with that, I turned to give him a hug, exit the car and walk inside. His car sat at the entrance of my driveway until he knew I was inside; safe and sound.

As soon as he got home, I got a “goodnight” text and it made my night that much better. And from that night on, Junior and I have been inseparable. He’s been my best friend first and my boyfriend second: always promising me a future engagement and many other things. He has been there for me through everything; even when he didn’t want to be.

A party, some drinks, a car ride and no memory- who knew that these things would be the recipe for a beautiful relationship: my beautiful relationship.

The author's comments:
A night out with friends and I find the perfect guy. The ingredients had been given to me, now I just needed to "make the cake" as anyone else would say. Thank goodness for my friends. I don't know where I would be without that one night of chaos. And thank goodness for my boyfriend. He makes the days seem brighter.

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thejunior123 said...
on Oct. 21 2010 at 3:10 pm
I love this story and i will never forget our first date..


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