The Park

October 13, 2010
By , southampton, NH
As I stamped out of the graceful and warm house. I felt the wind flying around me while touching my face making it feel the wind’s cold temperature. Still my face is red from anger. My blood is rushing around my cold body making my heart bounce around my chest. My friend is a pig. Him over me. How could she?

I started walking towards the deserted park. It’s always freaky and clear of rowdy and scattering kids at night. It will be quite and scary after the road. I stopped to cross the road full of cars with the bright lights growing bigger as the car comes closer and closer and finally passes. Then the red lights at the back. Personally I don’t like red. To me it means danger, stop… Blood. I looked up to nothing apart from clouds, just black and grey clouds, they weren’t even fluffy. I looked left and right and there were no car’s it was like a ghostly racetrack. I crossed.

I could hear the swings creaking with rust as the wind blew through the breaking chains. The tree’s where like a big tall man with twenty arms towering over me. The leaves were crunching under my feet. It was like two packets of crisps were stuck to my feet. The only two colours I could see where black and grey. It was like watching 60’s T.V. Ewwww mud. Squelching under my packets of crisps. How nice? I hate autumn.

I looked into the dark quite and dirty park. I remembered when me and my friend met. Ahhh the good old days. It was a bright and hot day. A summer’s day. I found a ball and I was playing with it. Kicking it to and throw. It kept rolling away from me like a ball rolling down a hill so I was running to it all the time going past the entire park. I saw the green grass, but it was flat as there was not a patch that has not been trod on, the blue swings, not rusted, taking the wait of kids swinging high. The steps of the slide were red, there were four steps and a silver slid which was reflecting the light back to the sky. A yellow roundabout spinning round and round like a fair ground ride. The colourful climbing frame but I couldn’t remember all the colours as it was full of kids. All I could remember was blue and yellow. It was like a spider nest in a web. Every time I ran toward the ball I heard a noise getting clearer. It was crying. I looked and it was a girl crying and screaming. I looked again she was about my age when I was little. Long black hair and scruffy looking because she has been playing. I realised she was screaming ‘I lost my pink ball’ ‘I want it back’. I looked down and assumed it was her ball. Her pink ball. I took it over to the scruffy girl. I said ‘here is your ball’ she stopped crying immediately. Sniffed. Wiped her snotty nose and said very quite ‘thank you’ we both smiled at each other. I turned away and starting walking. ‘Do you want to play with me?’ I tuned back round really fast as if I was panicking ‘yeah’ She cleared her throat ‘Becky’ she said so I answered it like a question ‘Amy’. We went and played. As we were playing I found out she was the new girl that just moved to our old road but now we moved.

Then a tune went off. It was my phone. Becky texted me ‘I’m sorry’ I texted back saying its ok. As I went to put my phone in my pocket the light made me notice a dark figure. It was just stood there. It sent a shiver down my spine. It gave me a thought. A nasty thought So I started to walk again. I was paranoid and didn’t feel safe.

I couldn’t see it but I could feel it. That thing was following me. I started to power walk. It was still close I panicked. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket while still power walking dialled 999 and put it back in my pocket. By that time I took the wrong way. My legs were going franticly like I was on a running machine. The terrifying, frightening and fearsome dead end way!! I started to go down the ally way. Dodging bins and hoping the thing would go. There was no light just black not even grey. But I could see the colour red in the distance. I got to the blocking wall. The red wall I was trying to climb the wall but there was nothing to grab. I started screaming ‘help’ ‘don’t hurt me’ ‘go away’ ‘please’ I tried climbing the wall in desperation but it didn’t work. My hand was cut from the stones that were pointing out. It felt like I just fell over on a stony beach and a really sharp shell has just gone through my hands. I heard a stone being kicked I turned getting ready. The thing was right in front of me. It was a man in a black coat. It was like a coat out of the matrix film. ‘Get of me’ ‘HEL…’

‘Amy’ ‘Amy’ I could hear my name being called in the distance. ‘Amy’ my eyes started to open slowly. I was blinking from the light. All I could see was a person looking at me with tears streaming down their face. The tears were dripping onto me it was like rain falling from the sky. I thought I was dead. I believed I was in heaven. I was thinking is that the light I have got to go towards. ’Darling your in hospital you got attacked’ it was my mum. My dream it was true I was reliving my disaster. Day ja vu. I started crying in relief. Now there’s puddles on the bed. I was alive. No light I got to go toward no heaven just a hospital bed with a loving mum.

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