Siberian Huskies

October 1, 2010
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Would you ever want to have a dog that was so loyal for you it would protect you at all costs? Well if you want a dog like that then you want the Siberian Husky. He would do anything for you, and if you were missing he would never stop looking until you were found. They are a dog of true loyalty and obedience. If these are the traits you look for in a dog the Siberian Husky is the dog for you.

Have you ever wondered where the Siberian Husky originated from. Well It turns out they are descendants from the Chukchi Tribe. ( AKC.Com) But they aren’t just descendants from the Chukchi Tribe, they were also used in WWII as Arctic Search and Rescue team ( AKC.Com). They were a great help during the war. They contributed to the thousands of lives saved in the arctic during WWII.

Although the Husky is now a household dog it used to be a racing dog. The advantage of having the Husky as a racing dog is that it only weighed about 35-60 pounds. They usually are about in the range from 20-23.5 inches tall. You would think that they would of Alaska but that is wrong. The Husky actually originated from Siberia, Russia. (Stone, Lynn M. "The Siberian Husky." Siberian Huskies. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Pub. 2005. 5. Print.)
The Siberian Husky can be a loving, caring, outgoing dog. But in order to see the loving, nurturing side of the dog than you need to take care of it right. First, if you don’t like a lot of hair around in your house than you probably won’t want the husky. Stone, Lynn M. "Looks." Siberian Huskies. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Pub., 2005. 20-21 Print. He sheds rapidly so it will be like a magic trick, know you see the clean floor now you see a floor covered with hair. Second, the husky needs to be ran daily or it will build up on fat. But, it would also be a good idea to keep the husky in a rather cold habitat or it will feel out of place.
The Behavior of the Siberian Husky is amazing. The dog would do anything for anyone and he would love them. He would care for you as much as you care for them. They need to run extreme distances daily so that they stay in shape, they wouldn’t always have to run extreme distances daily but they do because they used to be sled dogs. The Siberian Husky needs much care but when it has that care it can be a loving, caring, amazing dog.
The Siberian Husky is a dog that would protect you at all costs no matter what. He would stay with you until the end of the world if he could. The Siberian Husky is a dog of true love, one that may shed a lot and needs to run daily but one that is a dog of true breed. The Siberian Husky is everything I look for in a dog and especially a dog that loves you. It is great responsibility to own one of these dogs but an honor.

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