November 9, 2007
By Breenna Chavez, Goodyear, AZ

Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of sorrow, salty wet dabs that streak down my distorted face, The sounds of the world flutter past me just as calmly as if it were the wind, The sounds of the wind I call it, Sounds come and go as do tears, Mine come in rushing seas, The waters of my eyes flood my face, They drown my words and cloud my thoughts, Below the tears you'll see my face, so young, Just one glance and you'll see nothing wrong, My eyes so full of innocence, You'll see the roundness of my lips that of a child's, From looking at my face you'd think that I am the happiest girl around, but you'd be wrong, My life is a never ending nightmare, There's no one in this world who understands my tears, not my alcohol obsessed father nor my my absent mother, I shed my tears in the dead of night as others sleep so peacefully, As they dream I weep, With my tears I shed my pain, so as I wake the next day you shall see nothing of the night before just my inviting smile and my entising eyes, because my glorious sadness hides away in the darkness of night...

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