September 15, 2010
By Abby Rudd BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
Abby Rudd BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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I glance around as everything passes in a blur. People rushing to work, teachers preparing for the hectic day, impatient cars honking on the freeway, children awaking to play, but I stand unchanging; I am stagnate in this quick-paced world.

I think. Why is our society this way? Instead of appreciating every day of life, we take them for granted in an ostentatious manner. Nothing is ever up to our standards; we crave more and more exceeding the necessities in life, disregard the little things like thank you as insignificant, and witness greed running thick in our veins, yet we avoid the warning signs. When we should be looking in the mirror and seeing who we’ve become, we are preoccupied with the latest Apple or Blackberry product. Everyday we see conflict arise and people suffering, yet we still plead for more. I want to break this cycle, but I am one. One is insignificant in this changing society.

I realize. I don’t want to be in a world that so differently appears from what I used to envision; is the peace, happiness, innocence, and patience still present? However, our fate is not yet sealed and there is time to change. Together, united, one, we can step in the right direction. Why stress over the material life, when we can appreciate the simple things? I may be only one person, but I can take the plunge. We are all created the same and if I initiate, many may follow.

I conclude. Change; we may fear the unexpected and hazed future, but change may make the image we envisioned more clear. Change from our old ways. Change of how we think. Change from the dependence on technology. Change to a place where sitting and enjoying nature is fulfilling. If we hope, things can change. Hope that conflict and terror can be eliminated. Hope that we will never stand alone. Hope to complete this transition united as one.

I glance around as everything is finally clear. People sitting on their porches watching the stars, families enjoying their time together, everybody appreciating the simple things, children being raised in a safe world, and I stand feeling pleased; I am part of this peaceful world.

The author's comments:
Lately I have started to fill overwhelmed with this world and how fast my life is passing. It seems like everyday there is some new piece of technology or a way a person's complain about how "they need more." I have reached a point where I can't be surrounded by so much negativity, when we should be blessed to have what we have. We need to seize our opportunities and appreciate them.

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