Tears falling

November 1, 2007
Tears falling as my heart is getting broken. all the rush to my head as i think about our times spent. From the first kiss to the last.
I close my eyes take a breath, opening them slowly, maybe its a bream, no its reality. Trying not to think about you, i wonder, is it time for us to say goodbye? Start new relationships with other peaple. All so soon, or is it just a test, a test to see if we really are in love.
Should i give you a last kiss, hold you and never let go. I look up at Jesus and ask him, "am i loosing the love of my life?"
Should i tell you how much i fell for you, or just say "i dont know." Maybe if i tell you how i fell it wont be time to say goodbye, or maybe if i do tell you it could be our goodbye's to each other. Sitting on my bed telling you "I LOVE YOU," hoping you would tell me back. Dang how much i need you! I cant resist you. "Do you still fell the same way?" I wonder to myself. But no matter what i will always & foreve will love you... because true love never dies!

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