October 31, 2007
By lauren symon, Danbury, CT

One day I want to paint my house purple with a blue door. I would grow blueberries in the front yard and get a job at Denny’s and name my dog Pancakes and my cat Waffles. Everyone will know that I love breakfast foods!

I would always wear red for strawberries and paint my walls yellow for bananas. I would get orange color furniture and a green apple rug for oranges and apples! Its more than the fact that I love beak fast foods, I love break fast foods that include lots of fruits!

I would even get a clock shaped like a tomato to top it all off! My bedspread would have cherries all over it, and I would get watermelon scented lotion and shampoos! Then I would fill my pool with fondue pudding! Whoohoo! Or, I could be the sugar lady, with my hair dyed white for sugar, powdered donuts, and a chocolate door. My house would be black for dark chocolate and I would have candy eggs in my trees. My pool would be filled with caramel and I would have white chocolate bunnies all over the house! Yummm yummm!

These are my food, based dreams! Weeeeee!

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