I Still Love You

October 30, 2007
By Jessica Chavez, Mesilla Park, NM

I still love you after you broke my heart, I still feel the same way, I cant beleive we're apart from time to time,I still cry and every night I pray to the good Lord above to bring you back one cold, dark, lonely night so that you can brighten my world, wipe away all my tears and make all this pain go away and scare away all my fears, I wish you could feel the same way, I still cant get you off my mind you continue to move on but you left me behind I know there's someone else I cant beleive someone took my place but I want you to know when I think of love I see your face I love every second that passes, when i'm with you i cant really explain it I just love everything you do, you say things that hurt me but no matter what you say or do I want you to remember my heart, soul and love will always be true, tell me how u did it, how did you fall out of love so quickly? and all this time I thought you wanted to take me seriously, words cant describe the way I feel all I know is that I really wish you were still mine to hug, to hold and to kiss. We've been through it all good times and bad I just cant beleive you threw it all away, everything we ever had. If you need love i'm always here don't worry there's nothing to fear I still want to be your everything that and more I still want to be the one you run to like you once did before, for losing you i blame myself I really love you more than life itself i'll always be here waiting patiently until the day you decide to come back to me.

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