An Issue Worth Thinking About

September 10, 2010
Attention, People of Earth! Are you worried about Global Warming? The BP Oil Spill? Well, You should be! But you should also be worried about an epidemic that’s sweeping the nation. It rears its ugly head in high schools everywhere: Bad spelling. That’s right, spelling. And grammar, and capitalization, and punctuation. Apparently, no one knows how to express themselves correctly anymore! if you’re sentenses looklike this, your typing 2 fast do you want to read a paper where the word’s blend togethar into an unreadable lowercase mess? Teen Writers Unite! Everyone’s words deserve better. If you have a spell check, it’s not that hard. Capitalize those starting words! Add correct punctuation! Research you’re, your, their, there, and they’re! Indent paragraphs! And for goodness sake, turn on spell check!

I know we text a lot, and chat a lot, and we can get in bad habits. But if you value your writing give it the appearance it deserves. If you don’t want others to give up after the first sentence, pay attention. If you want to sound intelligent, be intelligent! Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not some sort of insult. This is a call to give your amazing, intelligent, creative words what they deserve. Punctuate! Capitalize! Spell Check! Indent! Yay!

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