September 8, 2010
By MysticalDreamer BRONZE, Orangeburg, South Carolina
MysticalDreamer BRONZE, Orangeburg, South Carolina
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On the night of the new moon the air was crisp and humid, the darkened sky looked as if it was pleading for no one to come out. As I’m sitting in my room peering out my window wishing I could be one with the night. I could hear my Mom calling my name from down stairs,.

“Laila! Come down stairs and blow out your candles.”

“I’m coming.”

I skipped down the stairs seeing my family with big smiles on their faces, my cake lit up with sixteen candles.

“Hey, birthday girl!” They all said at once.

I put on a smile because it was so reassuring that I had a family to come home to wither or not I over came the fear I despised. I walked over and looked at my cake, it didn’t take long for me to wish for something. I looked at my family one last time before I closed my eyes I began thinking to my self saying the wish chant my dad taught me as a child.

“1, 2, 3, please oh please wish come to me.”

With that I blew out my candles.

“I’m officially 16” I smiled so hard.

My family and I sat down and ate the cake, we talked about all types of things until it was time for bed. Mom and Dad were the first to say goodnight as they dragged my sister along, my brother cleaned up everything and turned out all the lights.

“I know it wasn’t much of a party but I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Its not the amount of people you have with you it’s who matter the most that share the time with you.”

“Yeah your right”

“Goodnight” I said.

“Goodnight:” He replied.

I washed up and went into my room, I made sure everyone was sleep. I locked my door, got dressed, I grabbed my bag and pulled my window up. As I was sneaking out I got a feeling of being watched so I looked over my shoulder. No one was there, I continued until I jumped to the ground and began my way down the street. I got to the path in no time, twigs and tree limbs were snagging to my pants. I thought I heard a noise behind me, I fixed my eyes upon something but it was nothing.

“Darn it” I fussed.

I walked for three more minutes and I came to the pond, I sat down and began to take my things out of my bag. All of a sudden I heard the same noise again but it was closer this time and I jumped up to fast, something grabbed my pants, I fell into the water. Trying to hold my breath and swim, I couldn’t do both, struggling to reach the top but not getting no where. The water pressures beginning to get to me I cant breathe, I cant think, and no ones here to save me. My body’s starting to get weak, the muscles are giving up, I take the last bit of strength I have to scream so loud I felt the water vibrate against my face. I see the blackness coming to my eyes and the beating of my heart is slowing my mind is in circles. 1, 2, 3, please oh please someone help me is the only thing I could hear in my head. The feeling of empathy is crossing my mind, who is going to save me when no one can hear me. My body is shutting down and the blackness has covered me, the lungs I so desire to have air in are becoming filled with water and sorrow. If I could cry the tears would be racing down my face not because I’m scared but because I’m dying and nobody knows where to find me. I feel death knocking at me door and I will let him in only to end this agony. I wake up in a hospital, my Mom is beside me with her head laying down. I cant speak but my body is mobile I twitch a little because it hurts to swallow. She pops her head up and tears fill her eyes.

“Laila! Are you ok? How do you feel?”

I shake my head to let her know I’m fine.

“Honey your going to be fine, I’ll go get the doctor.”

As she leaves I struggle to talk to tell her not to leave me. The room begins to fade and I’m back in the blackness. I feel something land into the water, I’m afraid of what it could be. Whatever the Thing is it grabbed me and swam to the top, with everything movement my body aches so bad. We make it to the top and It carries me in It’s arms and lays me down on the ground. My vision is so blurry I can barely see, the pain is overwhelming, I don’t think I’m going to make it. It puts It’s head on my chest as if to count the beats of my heart.

“How can you be alive when you don’t even have enough strength in you for a heart beat?” It asked. “It’s as if death his self wont have you.”

I found a little air left in my lungs and a little strength in my body to say a few words.

“Please…don’t….let….me….die” I pleaded with tears trying to form.

My vision was getting wearier and my head began to spin, what a great night this had turned out to be for my sixteenth birthday.

“I can save you…but it’s going to hurt for a while”

I saw a transformation going on right in front of me a werewolf, child of night, shape shifter. If my heart could race at this moment it would be jumping out my chest. I thought I couldn’t feel pain but I felt a stinging, sharp, burning pain go through my shoulder. My veins burning up like fire, I bite my lip so hard I tasted the blood.

“It’s going to hurt for while but I’ll be over here waiting until its done, keep this advice and don’t forget it , never again will you be the same…..more will you be powerful. Just relax your self the more calm you are the faster it will be over so let your veins open and take it all in”

After he said that I could only hear my moans of pain and struggle, so I just laid still until it was over. I felt stronger as each breath I took, nothing or no one could tell me I was on deaths bed and now I’m stronger than lion. I grabbed the ground and lifted my self up, I could see things in the dark. I didn’t know what was going on I heard everything around me. I felt something near me, I leaped up and pounced on top it only to see that it was the Him who saved me.

“You saved me…..Connor Malloy?!”

…………..To Be Continued

The author's comments:
This is the first story i ever wrote and published

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