September 28, 2007

love so pure like a brick of gold it's you i want to be with when i grow old and you that i always want to hold love is forever in your heart till you die love hurts it makes you do crazy things it makes you cry there is a world of oppertunity in front of you jus take a leap of faith and trust in your lover there is nothing in the world that can destroy how you feel it can never fade and it's precious like jade like ebony and ivory two peices of a puzzle that fit just right something i say about love its what you do to make it survive and last not what you say you can make it when you find your soul mate the bond you make can't be broken to have love is to be with bliss when i close my eyes it's your sight that i miss waiting day in and night out just to see you i'm overwhelmed with excitment just to have the pleaseure to look upon your face and to speak that way with amazing grace you are an magnificent love but an even better friend my body is filled with passion and love there is no room to hold it all in i am about to burst and let lose of my fears which you kept me safe from you don't judge you give me a chance what more can i ask for nothing really your my dream woman and ever since i meet you i have had meaning to my life

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