Teens ARE Doing It; Why Try to Stop Them?

August 24, 2010
By bbyxcakess321 BRONZE, Williamsport, Maryland
bbyxcakess321 BRONZE, Williamsport, Maryland
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Parents think teenagers to be exactly like how they were when they were our age. We're in a whole new generation then them, and honestly, it's hard to say no to sex. People say everyone isn't doing it. But in my opinion, I think everyone is. Each year a younger generation has sex. Kids as young as twelve years old are having sex now. They aren't even teenagers yet. What can you do though? It's our choices. Every teen that has sex knows what the consequences are. If they cared, then they would practice abstinence. Sometimes it's just hard to say no. Especially once you've had sex for the first time. I think parents should be there for their kids. Don't tell us to not have sex, because we most likely won't listen. It's peer pressure. Teenagers just need to be more responsible in their actions. Stop telling us that everyone isn't doing it, when everybody is.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because it's a strong opinion of mine.

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