Pete Doherty: Hero or Heroin?

October 24, 2007
Pete Doherty: Hero or Heroin?

For the past 3 years now, I have taken a huge interest in singer and songwriter Peter Doherty. It has only been recently in the past year that the tabloids have become very 'keen' to find out more about him, and displaying his life worldwide on the internet, newspapers and television reports has become important within the press. As most of you will know, Pete was a heavy drug user, and was reportly in the newspapers nearly everyday about his strong addiction. Injecting heroin and sniffing cocaine became part of his social life, alongside playing at gigs and attending a love/hate relationship with ex-girlfriend and supermodel Kate Moss. Before Pete became so popular in the eye of the press, I was and still am so interested in his work that he himself has produced, and what he wanted to be known for; his songwriting and incredible musical performances. His lyrics are and always will be a huge inspiration to me, as I feel I truly understand the depth of how his emotions take over his life, and what he really feels each and everyday, struggling with no help for his drug problems. I remember crying in the downstairs toilet, the night after his gig at Newcastle Carling Academy. I waited around the back door, keen to meet him, but struggling to even catch a glimpse of this god I called Pete Doherty. The crowd pushed and shoved for at least half an hour, waiting for his entrance into the world of crazy fanatics. The closest I got was a crazy, tall guy standing in my view, crushing me to the tour bus, as I am smaller than most fans who attended the concert, and being only 14 at the time didn't really help much. Pete, shocked to see these sweaty hooligans applaud him, was actually very much sober that night. I was one of the few people who could actually tell when he was drained off drink and drugs. Being that much of a fan, I had studied photographs and videos, noticing each time he was under the influence. Since that gig, I have smiled at this man who's book lies upon my pillowcase; The Books of Albion. It has inspired me of my own writing, how I love his words and phrases. He is actually quite a funny guy, under the limelight and the public eye. I know that he would be respected a lot more if people actually saw him for what he's good at. Fair enough, drugs you may say is one of his key favorite interests, but I know he is trying. And he will succeed. Think about this; he isn't a bad person, only a damaged person. Waiting to be saved.

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