September 24, 2007
By Shelby Goodwin, Grand Junction, CO

You can’t see it, nor can you touch it. I’m not going to tell you what it’s not, instead what it is. It’s a body mover, an occupier of the mind, and most of all a healer for the heart. And I guarantee you that it will distract you from all the other things in your life. Do you know what it is? This bliss I speak of is music.

Other people can’t hear it the same way you do. This mysterious thing has magical powers to put you in a daze that will hopefully remain for even a minute. Every person can think of it in their own way. I know that no one loves it completely, but those are the people that don’t feel it. You must feel it in your heart, and create a meaning of it all of your own so that you can connect with it and begin to love it. In a movie, for example, everyone experiences it in the same way, and with music, it is expressed individually and people draw their own connections based on their life.

Music is a big part of my life. I play the flute, and every time I have needed it emotionally, it has been there anxiously waiting for me. Our band director tells us that if we want to interest our audience, then first we have to feel it in the heart. I completely agree with him on that. Once you do feel it inside, you can relate to it and then it would have a significant meaning to you. Of course it will always have a different meaning to someone else, but no one is the same inside although it may come close.

Inspiration is also an attractive quality of music. When I just sit down and focus on the lyrics of a song, ideas start coming to mind that influences me to do certain things. My ideas vary from every song, and I have yet to figure out which one inspires which. Inspiration isn’t just an idea though. It moves emotions to where you may or may not enjoy them better. When the emotions are moved, then you want to do something about it and make a change or alteration.

Now that you know how music makes me feel and react, you decide. Does it inspire you to do certain things? Does it heal your heart or move your body? Do you have to feel it to completely relate to it? I sure hope so because a power like this is hard to come by.

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