Summer Season

November 29, 2007
By Dakota Muldoon, Aberdeen, SD

Out of all the seasons, summer is my favorite. It is a time of the year where I find the most pleasure and relaxation. I get to lie around and take my time doing things; I’m not rushed like in the school year. It is a time for me. I can wake up whenever, take my time getting ready and spend more time with my family and friends. One of my favorite parts is that the sun stays out later, meaning it is warmer and more time at the lake: which is my favorite part. There is nothing like spending a day at the lake and the feeling you get when you first dip your foot into the innovative summer water. All day my friends and I get to sit in the warm sun and swim or ride the Jet Ski. When we are at Richmond we go discing. I love discing in the summer, being out in nature is wonderful, walking through the grass and looking at all the trees gives me a feeling as if I’m home. I know that my sound weird, but I love the outdoors and especially in the summer when everything is green then you slightly turn your head and see the sun reflecting off the lake. Oh the lake, sitting on the edge of the dock letting your toes glide through the water. Then one of your friends comes up behind you and pushes you in! The war in on everyone gets in the water splashing around and having a good time. Then the guys start competitions, like who can flip the farthest in the water, or who can get more air swinging off the tree rope. It’s nothing but a great time. Then you realize you have the first summers kiss on your back, and you hope it tans soon. Around seven-thirty everyone’s stomachs are growling. So the guys grill their famous burgers, and the girls get the beverages and paper plates. Everyone chows down, and by the time are done cleaning up the sun is going down. We make our way to the dock, where I sit on the edge and watch. The sight of the sun setting over the lake is unforgettable. The sky is a painting of oranges and blues, in rows shading together. With orange on the bottom, making its way through yellow, green and the shades of blue and violet. As the sun falls below the horizon, I pray for tomorrow and every summer after to be as beautiful as today.

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