Class Color Day Gone too Far?

August 11, 2010
At my high school before a dance (which is usually Saturday night) that week is spirit week. Spirit week for the halls at my high school are insane but it is a chance to see everyone get dressed up for that day. I mean most of the time it is all good fun. So here is what the schedule would be like at my high school for spirit week on Monday- College Day, Tuesday-Superhero Day, and Wednesday- Carnival Day, Thursday –Class Color Day ( Freshman wear Orange, Sophomores wear red, Juniors wear Pink and Seniors wear Green) and on Friday- Blue & Gold Day. That was what class color should have stayed my whole junior year, but a week before another spirit week there was an announcement saying not only what the days were going to be next week but that class colors were changing, just for the juniors and seniors. That was horrible but then again I thought it would be better. Juniors now had to wear Green and the Seniors wear Black. Now, on one side of the gym it looks like Christmas and the other looks like Halloween. Most of the teachers have said that the reason they changed the color days is because they really don’t want to see anything inappropriate on those days it is a chance for us to have fun and to get creative but there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate. Is it the best decision? That I don’t know but a lot of the junior students still wear pink on class color day. Am I saying that the teachers are wrong? No, I am not saying that I actually am agreeing with them. That week is fun for everyone and if you are going to abuse it then there is no point in having a spirit week. But I think that most of the fault to blame is on the guys mostly because they were wearing a lot of stuff borrowed from there either girlfriends or girls who are just my friend, that is my assumption on it and juniors have to wear green. The seniors have to wear black and it sucks because not only does it make it less fun but to be honest how many pieces of black clothing would teenage students own? I don’t understand why even for one minute that the teachers could wear black and then we can take their color (which is purple) wouldn’t that be better? I think that having some type of color would be a lot better than just doing black. I mean you can own black with wording on it but who owns a solid black t’s anymore? I just don’t see why my high school couldn’t wait until this upcoming year to change it. But I would have liked it if everyone switched colors as well instead of the juniors and seniors. I don’t see the point because I just think that everyone just/might abuse it again and then what would you do?

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