Myself in the Year 2030

August 5, 2010
By lovebeingateen BRONZE, Ipoh, Other
lovebeingateen BRONZE, Ipoh, Other
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Me, in the year 2030. Wow, scary. Can you imagine? Well I certainly cannot. But i will attempt.
By then, I would be exactly 34 years old. Old enough to have graduated, gone to college, work, and have a family. Old enough to smoke, drink, drive and do whatever I want. Nice.
Or i could be dead, 6 feet underground. I could die in a car accident. I could be shot, assassinated, drowned, murdered, burnt to death, strangled, raped, hanged, electrified, crucified, drugged to death, accidentally die in a drunken attempt to do something, stoned, die during an operation, shocked, have a heart attack, have cancer, have a brain tumour, or i could commit suicide. Oh yeah, i could die in 2012, when the world ends, but that’s just a dumb theory. Anyway, to the point, i could be dead.
Now, let’s say I miraculously did not die. I imagine myself as having long black hair, maybe some glasses or contact lens, maybe some wrinkles( hopefully not, but i will not resort to Botox...i think) , tanner skin as by then global warming will be worse and i would have a squarer jaw line because all women have squarer jaw lines as they age. By then, i would most probably be applying make-up. So i would also have some lipstick on, bright red perhaps ( my favourite colour) and i would be using mascara and concealer or powder. And foundation. I would also have heavier eye-bags ( as if mine are not heavy enough as it is) but i could use make up to conceal it. Ah.... the ingeniousness of makeup. And i would have straight teeth! Result of braces.
Now, to describe my body. It is strange to imagine these things. I think i would be quite slim and lean as i have high metabolism and i sometimes exercise. I would not be hairy because my skin is naturally very unhairy. So i would not need to shave. I would also have longer limbs ( hopefully a bit more muscly by then) and maybe bigger breasts?
I would be working as a doctor in a hospital.i already know that for a fact because it is part of ‘the plan’ for my future.
Hopefully, i would be settled down already with a husband who will be a handsome man( duh...) around the same age but must be older. And he will be either Chinese or American or Eurasian. I do not really bother about his family financial position but that, sadly, must be taken into account too so he cannot be too poor. He must be educated with a degree and he must be Christian. He should have no hereditary disease or any family members with any diseases especially not mental illnesses. He must be able to support me financially and emotionally. And most of all he must love me.
On the pessimistic side of life, maybe i would not have a husband and maybe i would have a boyfriend, who also would have to fit into the criteria.
Or I could have no boyfriend or husband at all so i will be the type of woman who is ‘married’ to their career. Or i would be a lonely old sap who lives all alone in her little apartment sluggishly passing through each day while searching for life’s meaning.
Anyway, if i were to be married by then, i would probably have children. A girl would be named Robyn, Emma or Sandra. A boy would be called Drew, James or Charles.
I would definitely be living overseas. Maybe in new Zealand, America or Europe. And i would like to live in a big city and when i retire, i would live by the sea.
I would have a home but maybe not a car because public transport would be available. I could take the subway also known as the ‘tube’ or buses or taxis or trams.
My handbag would contain a hand-phone, powder, lipstick, mirror, comb, hand sanitizer, tissue papers, ball pen that i picked up from somewhere, purse filled with pictures and credit cards, dough( not that type of dough. I mean money), small notebook, receipts that i am too lazy to lazy to take out.
My daily schedule would be something like this:
Monday – work. Go home. Eat dinner. Watch TV till i get sleepy and talk on the phone
Tuesday –work. Go home. Slouch around the house. Maybe some house-work(i have a bit of OCD but i HATE house work so my house will be very messy unless feel inspired to clean it or hire a maid)
Wednesday –work. Shopping! Beauty sleep
Thursday –work, hang out with friends
Friday –work. GO OUT!!!
Saturday –No work! Freedom!!!
Sunday –church, do something and moan about how short the weekend is and that tomorrow would be Monday. Yet again.

The author's comments:
This was an essay topic given by my teacher.She said it was interesting so I'm posting it to see if it really is.

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