The Vaccine Part 1

July 27, 2010
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The Vaccine
stb. a real story, ;; blame the goverment
"The future some what normal child"

-Author Note-

2021 January 14th 3:15 p.m Washington D.C

I just got home from school and today i realised that Mom and Dad were right No one else did get the vaccine. Jansee [-Jan-Sai-] and Johnny didnt sadly and they both Are dying of the Cheldra94 Disease test 5 (C94DT5)
( I have some hope, sometimes people survive randomly). But Jared and both got vaccinated and are totaly fine, as i am. I guess the vaccine was a little much like who wants to get 19 needles at once?!And 160$ a shot?!But i dont know, cause my parents arent exactly rich, my mom is a vaccine scientist so i guess that must be why i got it. But my dad is just a normal old sphyscologist. I'm trying to find something to eat, i dont really want anything we have at the moment wich is weird. The phone rings, and i remember Dad told me to wait awhile;3 rings, to answer it. So i patiently hover over the phone waiting to answer. The 3rd ring goes off and i pick up the phone "Hello, Erawin Speaking" And then i thought, why did i say that, gosh i must have sounded stupid! And a youth kind of male voice replied "Sup babe, Is Joshy home?""One moment" i said wondering if my big brother was even home and i was wondering wich one of his friends also has started calling me babe cause that wasnt Jack. "JOSH!PHONE!" I screamed out and from the top of the stairs his slow, deep 19 year old voice called "i got it up here." I walked back to the coach and sifted through the chanels wondering why he hasnt moved out yet. Next a knock at the door makes me get up from the middle of my show and i wonder where is everyone?! I anwswer the door and a youth aged man in a suit stands there he is really hot and is definitly around my type-not the suit though, like were was he...Prom?, he looks only a few days older then my brother And im guessing he is totaly different then him. He said to me "Heey Whats up?" But then corrected himself, "Sorry, i mean Hello" I giggled and said "Hi, what can i help you with?". He replied something i was not expecting "You must be Erawin, Im James i am your mom's new assistant" I pretended to not be surprised and i looked him up and down then realised and Said "Haha, sorry that kinda looked like a check out, but i was expecting the usual 40 year old dude, who knows everything there is to know" Some how he was inside my house replying to my statment. "Thats alright, haha.
How old are you?" I tried to not blush and i said "17, hey are you friends with my brother?" "I graduated with him last year, im the James he got bumped up with in grade 9 to grade 10 they thought we were to smart for grade 9" Then i remembered the cute younger James, wow. "Yes, i remember You k do you want my Mom cause i dont think she is here" At that moment he pulled out his cell phone and hit the talk button, "Hey Mrs. J" My mom. They talked for a couple of minutes and i waited for James, and as i did i noticed he had beautiful green eyes, and they were tinted dark green all the way around. His shaggy brown hair fell right over his eyes and he shook his head putting it all to one side. He said goodbye and hung up. "So you get to know were she is and i dont, wow what a great mom." I laughed and asked "What did she say?" James flipped his hair again and answered "She will be about an hour she got caught up with someone at work and now travelling will be tretoris with the 5 o'clock rush hour." "Oh, so.. Did you get the vaccines?" He smiled like he didnt want to say yes but he did "Yup, parents made me. But i guess i would rather not die, Know anyone thats died yet?" I chose my words wisley and spoke them softly "Not yet, But C94DT5 is definitly killing fast. Long enough name eh?, haha How about you?"
"Sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents.. They lived in Italy"
"Im so sorry, and i heard they got it bad there." "Yeah Maria my sister was down there visiting." We talked on and on until my Mom got home and i hugged James good bye and grabbed my phone. 18 new messages, holy. I didnt even read the ones from Jared i just called him, when ever he texts me more then once i know something is up. I answered the ones from Jansee and Freddy as the phone rang and a distressed Jared answered "Erawin. Its Jared. Its about Johnny we must get to the hospital he isnt doing whell." I hopped in my car and went over to pick up Jared, who doesnt have his license yet, he can master anything except driving. He got in the car. Jared was the cutest kid i ever met we had a thing a couple years back but after that we were just best friends and the whole first kiss thing was good for us.Jared had gingery hair that flipped into wings at the side and a ovalish shaped head. We talked about how they think Jansee is going to be ok. We didnt say anything about Jared until we got to the window in the ER. "Johnny M. please." Jared and Johnny were cousins so as soon as he said "Jared M." she lets us by and The lady recognized me from earlier in the week. She told us room 401 floor 4. I looked over to Jared in the elavator, "The hosital looks way bigger then before" He smiled and said "Yeah i guess, its probly the Viruses, luckly we are amune. Eh Airy?" He had noticed i way stairing of into space, but i looked back at him and said with a smile "probly" We walked in the door to no one in the bed we looked at eachother. after a moment of silence we heard a toilet flush and Johnny walked out the door he was pail green, and looked ready to die right then. He saw us and said "HEY!" he layed back down and i gave him a hug put my hand on his knee wich where bent and asked him "How are you?" He looked at me with his deep blue eyes wich were fogged from surge treatments to make them black. He hated having anything the same as his mallicious inprisoned Father. He answered me slowly glancing at Jared once or twice "I think that at least i might only have a couple of days, and i was wondering will you and Jairry Stay with me?". Then i thought back to when we made up the nicknames in grade 5 Jaiiry Jonnay Airry and Jaseey. I dont remember the day perfectly but we were just sitting around and deep Johnny had written a poem about the Air. It hit me like i truck and i gasped the Beautiful Air, and airry.. i was wondering why the air always seemed like a person when ever i read that poem. Johnny some how knew that then i realised and he looked at me like usual but this time i realised he looked at me like I was everything.. He was dating Jansee and has always been.. since grade 6.. I looked at him and i could only let out two words and they came out as a question "The Air?" He nodded his head and then he lay back down his head on the pillow it didnt look like he was dead it just looked like he was asleep i broke down in Jareds arms and we went home, that was alot at once. And then i explained it to him and my cell rang on the last word of my explanation. It was Jansee wondering why i wasnt texting her back i told her to come over we all sat around in my room, silent. Jared was on my bed, not a first. and Jansee was sitting in front of my mirror.. not a surprise. I knew then so well and now one of them was gone. James knocked on my door and came in and gave me a hug no words. He knew Johnny died, him and my mom were probly at the hospital trying out new solutions. Jansee and Jared had no idea who he was and he left right after. And Jansee asked and i saw that she didnt look sick at all anymore, "Why am i here, not to be rude cause its cool if we are just hanging out. But cant Johnny come? and thats when Jared broke down and told her everything about how he died, and then she asked "Whell why are you so sad Airry, you werent even close to him?" and then i answered "Closer then you'd think.. Just think hard remember those poems about the air" i looked of waited a moment and finished with a wisper "Airry.." i softly said and she left she left the room to the living room and texted me "Sorry please come down I just dont want to be on the top floor, besides how could you have forgotten?!" Then i remembered she hates bad news on the top floor. "That was a late reaction" Jared said as we walked down the stairs and i stopped and let the words slip "Her boyfriend just died and she learned that he loved me!God Jared she was in shock" and then my eyes got big "i didnt mean that!" He looked at me with teary eyes and said "I-Im Sorry" And that THAT right there made me want to hug him when i was in grade 7 i helped Jared get rid of his stutter, and that is the best accomplishment i have ever made! Jansee was sitting on my coach a texting away, probably telling everyone about Johnny dying, she wasnt crying, thats what i didnt understand. I sat down next to her knowing that Jared wouldnt sit down this is the spot were he had to kiss jizabell, who might i add is dead from the virus. Jansee looked at me oddly like Johnny had told her he was going to die. So i asked just that "Did Johnny tell you?" She thought she knew what i ment and said "About what?" And i replied explaining nothing "About him going to die?" She waited and Sighed " Yes, he told me right when the doctor told him then he called Jared and i left." So She knew it the whole time, gosh shes a ditz sometimes.. Making Jared go through the whole thing of telling her about it all. They left at 9:30 after a movie night, and it seemed like Johnny was just sick or something but no he was gone. Im sitting at the table reading the news, and 1000 more people have been vaccinated and 2000 more have died. This is horrible is all i can think, but i am also very relieaved, that i got the vaccinations. The Phone rang and it was Johnny's mom Lillik [-Lill-lick-], She was beautiful she had deep brown eyes and Long Orange hair, Jared and Johnny's Moms were identical twins so at first their voices sound the same and she said "Hello, is Erawin there?" And i Said "Yup, how are you Lilly?" She laughed and then i knew it was Lillik, "Sorry i mean lillik" She said "Oh its fine, How are you?" "Good You?"
"Im Horrible actually, You and Jared were the last ones to see my little boy, i wanted to know 2 things did he go peacefully?And are you and your family or just you just going to be coming to the service and funeral?" i took a moment to answer and said "Yes, he went with no pain and he looked at ease. Also" i paused " My whole family is going to be coming, i dont know about Joshy but i will be there, and so will my mother and father." "Okay, thank you, have a good day sweetheart" "Bye Lillik." It was awkward but a fufilling convorsation. I sat back down and started reading again. Josh came down the stairs and i realised i forgot to tell Josh about Johnny. Uh oh i thought in my head and i looked at Josh, he looked back and he knew i had something to tell me. And i could tell, he had something to tell me? He walked over and i gave him a hug, he smelt like heavy kologne and i looked up and smiled at him, he was wearing a dark shirt with as brand name splattered on the front. And in that slow voice he said quietly "Whats wrong sis?" i looked up and for some reason when ever i have to tell him anything bad i cry its just his eyes. Everyone thinks that me and my family get surges on our eyes to make them as ice blue and broken glassey as they are. But never i have never gotten a surge except one time in grade 8 i surged my hair bright purple for a couple weeks then surged it back. My natural Browny blonde hair the same as josh, is too beautiful. -People used to think we were twins- But after a moment of silence i asked him "Did you want to get vaccinated?" He answered me gently acting like he had no idea what i was talking about. "Yes, of course, why?" he lifted my chin up to see my eyes, "Did you not want to?" i paused and thought "not if everyone else is just going to die" He instintly hugged me and asked me quietly after a moment or two. "Who died Erawin?" I looked at him in a whisper i said it quietly "Jansee almost did and whell" A tear rolled down my cheek again "Johnny die-" He inturupted me and said "Oh my god..Are you okay" he looked and me and i didnt say anything but shook my head. i looked up at him after pulling away from the long hug and said "Josh i love you" he looked back at me and said "i love you too sis". He looked over no one was home and he said "Why is no one ever here?" i shook my head and shrugged my shoulders, "no idea". "Whell im gonna go out, ill talk to you later." he said to me suspiciously "Dont do any drugs Josh, they do interact with the virual immunity you have, those shots werent cheep." "Sound like mom much," he laughed and i glared "I wont okay, bye talk to you later love you" and then i had another total mom move "HEY!" , he looked back as he was half way out of the door "Be safe!" He smiled and then gave me a kinda weird look like, what the..?! How do she know..
I sit down on the coach and watch tv. I cant find anything to watch so i walk up stairs to my room and sink into my fuzzy black computer chair. Open the internet and read All the new up dates on my blog and Jackmail. I read over my friends statuses and think they are morons with all the different surges, some eriversible. Jenessy: "New surglicious hair do, pink, blue, purple, pink, green and ZODIAC signs xD!. Talismon: New Face surge neon green lips and bright purple eyes!. i thought of cute little Talismon with colourful spots and i went to my home page. 12 friends have been deleted. Dead. i check through and see Johnny is gone and so are some of my relatives i text Josh the news. Aunty Bandra and Uncle Fabio are both gone, and some of my cousins and .. Our adopted sister, she has moved out they thought that they couldnt have kids so they adopted, but then they got my mother a surge, surges arent expensive i could go out of my house with 2 dollars come back with pink skin and black hair black eyes and all black internal orgins in 4 minutes. All the surge stations are down town anyways. So its weird thinking how much i hate surges but if they werent here, i would be alive, and neither would Josh. And right about now i am feeling really bad about the him moving out thing, but back to my adopted sister. Her name was Alexing She was from Africa, but before she came to live with my parents, she surged herself to look like a normal blonde canadian girl. So she fit right in, but she just didnt want to change her name she was 4 years older then Josh. When we were younger and Josh was 8 i was 6 and she was 12 It waas weird because it was Erawin, kinda a weird name, and Josh, normal name, and Alexing. We called her Lexi though. Josh texted me back after awhile, and i didnt even wanna know what he was doing. To be quiet frank if he wasnt my brother DAMN! he'd be a beast! Haha but i guess that is pretty odd, he answer "Oh my.. Whatevez not like she eva calls eh?, hey sis! Wanna do me like 2 huge favors :D" I texted him back wonderin g what they are "Okay.. What?" "Tell mom and dad im at Jack's not5 Maranda's and bring me my bag at maranda's?" i texted back "Fine, ill be over soon." I went in his room dirty as usual and i walk through trying not to breath through my nose his bag is sittingon the floor and the curious type i look in, widch i definitly should have :S. i grabbed it and zipped it up i hopped in my blue camaro and then it hit me as no one was on the road, it was really hitting people hard.. what if everyone dies? Then i thought dont be silly everyone that didnt get the vaccine died or will.. except Jansee? i drove down the road, the top up. So no rain gets in. I hate driving in the rain. Then i got a cell from Jared, and my cell rang YOU GOT A CALL ANSWER YOU -my phone vibrates- CALL! i felt a little foolish but no one was ont he road to see. i pulled over and answered my phone, "Hey Jared!" "Hi Erawin, i need someone here, my parents are gone can you come over?" "Im jsut a driving over to Marandas to drop of joshy's stuff (Everyone calls him Joshy i just dont to his face it annoys him), so ill call my mom when i get home, and ill make sure then ill call you and let you know" "okay thanks sweets love you talk to you later" We always tell eachother we love eachother like, what if i was to crash eh, thats what i thought at least so i answered "i love you too bye" and went to maranda's. It was her own house no parents, they lived 4 blocks over, and could reach her any time.Her gross purple house with dying flowers out side was kinda disturbing but w.e shes a blonde prep who has no time for gardening or house work. I knock on the door Maranda answers in a towel, "Can i talk to Joshy?" And right then i knew she was high.

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