Feeling the Love

December 16, 2007
Have you ever been loved so much that it made that day or week really good? I have. I have been loved all my life and I have over all been a happy person. That is why I believe that being loved increases the quality of life.
About a year ago at church, a kid in my Sunday school class had been teasing me a lot. I got really upset with him because, for one, it was a lie and two, it was embarrassing. In the car ride home that day I told my family what had happened. My brother reacted in a way I had never seen before. He grew angry that this stupid kid was acting like this. He said he might even take matters into his own hands. Though I talked him out of it, I knew at that point, even though he never said it, that he loved me. Because of this, my life has increased in happiness because I know that no matter what my brother will stick up for me and protect me.
Just a little while ago, during my small group meeting I felt the love. My friends and I had done a prayer walk that night and we circled up to talk about it. The group was silent and it seemed like we had all experienced something from the walk. I decided to share first. I talked about how I was scared about the major events that might happen in my near future and others that would. That evening as I shared my thoughts and feelings, my friends surrounded me and gave me comfort. They listened and prayed for me as I cried out of fear. That night I learned that even though everything might take a turn for the worse, my friends would help me through it. Knowing that they loved me, decreased how scared I was, making my life much better.
Another time I was loved greatly and probably the most in all three stories was at Camp Meeting two summers back. It was during the evening service, as many of us moved to the alter to pray. It was a very emotional night for most of us as we confessed our sins to God and ask for forgiveness from each other. As we held each other in comfort we really started to feel the warmth of each others hearts. We stayed for hours telling each other we were sorry and that we loved each other. That night I really felt like I had become part of the group and that these people would be my friends forever. The quality of my life is better now because I have such strong friends.
I believe that being loved by others makes you feel wonderful. Even now as I talk about these events I can still feel the love I felt on those days. I hope I never forget how love got me through the hard times in my life. And lastly, I hope I never forget how my friends played a big part in most of those times.

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