Everything Happens For a Reason

December 16, 2007
By Emily Simpson, Nicholasville, KY

Does everything truly happen for a reason or do we change the path we’re on by choices we make? Everyone says that when good things happen it’s God’s will, but when bad things happen, it’s just bad luck. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

“West Jessamine High School” was the first thing I saw as I pulled up to the parking lot. New school, new house, a whole new town. As I walked into the school my stomach began turning, and my mind went wild. I just knew people would talk or say bad things, but actually, everyone was nice. My hands were trembling as I handed the schedule to my teacher. Finally, I heard ding, ding, and school was out. I raced to the car, hoping to leave that place as fast as I could. I couldn’t understand why this had happened to me, why I was the one that had to move; none of it made since. Now, three months later I realize that from this move I got a new beginning, and an opportunity to make new friends. It’s actually not that bad.

Meeting Hannah was one of the worst parts of 8th grade. Hannah is and was an awful person. I’m not sure how, but we became best friends. She had me lying, betraying, and getting me to try something I promised myself I would never do. My mom never did like her nor trust her. One day my mom went through some of my things and found something no parents would like. She asked me questions, and of course I lied. She ended up grounding me over spring break. I wish I could take everything back, meeting Hannah, making the mistakes I did, and lying. During spring break, though, I started to think about it, and from Hannah I learned a lesson, who my true friends were, and who meant the most.
Breaking up isn’t easy to do when you really care about someone. Last year and the year before that I was dating a boy named Jonathon. We were always together 24/7; it was Rizka’s house, the mall, or one of our houses. I’m not sure what happened, but we ended up fighting all the time. I’m thinking it was because we are both so hard headed. One night we got into a really big fight, and he said to me “Emily, do you even still like me?” I didn’t know what to say. Finally I was able to say “Jonathon, I really care about you more than anything, but I just can’t do this, it’s killing me.” For a couple of days we saw each other, and it was just silence and blank stares. I asked my best friend what to do, and she told me “everything happens for a reason.” I took her advice and a couple of days later I found out he cheated on me a couple of nights before I broke up with him. Now, to this day I’m happy I ended that relationship because he was a cheater.
Something comes out of everything no matter if it’s making a mistake, moving away, or breaking a heart. Now I know who my true friends are and have sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

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