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December 16, 2007
What if nobody criticized people for being who they are or for helping others who are ridiculed? What if everyone was not afraid of being criticized for being themselves? I believe that opinions should not govern attitudes or actions.

I lived in Wisconsin for nine years when I was young. My mother put me in many extracurricular activities including this gym that was lots of fun. The group was made up of other kids who were also home schooled . One day a new kid came to the gym and he was a bit chubby so a lot of people made fun of him there when he tried to do anything that made him look stupid. I thought that was mean and of course I was not the skinniest one there so I had to stand up for my fellow big man. I got a few insults but it wasn’t so bad. That kid and I became good friends. Although I was nice and did not care anything of others insults on that occasion, I was not always that smart.

I eventually moved and started public school in Indiana where my dad had gotten a new job. I had a friend who was also new and always had ideas that ended up going nowhere and wasted money. One time he had an idea to make a band. I went along with it because I wanted to be cool even though I thought it was wouldn’t work. So I saved my money and when we had a lot of cash we went to buy our first instrument. When we got there we found out that we were short a few dollars so we all decided that it would be fine if we spent a little money on some food. We ended up spending all of the money on video games, soda, and snack food. I did not want to object to his idea because I thought he might get a different opinion that wasn’t good of me. You may think that I could not have gotten any stupider but you would be wrong.

The next year, my dad moved us again because he didn’t like his job in Indiana and Kentucky isn’t all that bad. I was desperate to make friends so I agreed to help out my new friends with a prank. I slept over and we bought some toilet paper and we toilet papered another friends house. The next morning, I came home but didn’t tell my parents about that night because I knew that they would be mad. A little later, one of my friends mothers came over because she had found out what had happened and thought that my parents would like to know. My parents freaked! To give the short story, they grounded me and gave me the lecture. I think that they overreacted a bit… o.k. I think they overreacted a whole ton. I know I shouldn’t have done it because I thought it was stupid but I wanted my friends to think I was cool. I do not think that those friends think any better of me now but now I have a good story to tell.

So could the world do it? Could the world be less opinionated? I think that it would take lots of work but, if we worked hard and helped each other out then we could do it. The world is very opinionated and many people are influenced by others opinions even though they should not be. We should all be less afraid of others opinions and stand up for all those who are persecuted by others.

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