December 16, 2007
“A human being is a single being, unique and unrepeatable.” No two people are the same. The more individual you are, and the more you stick out from the crowd, the more interested people will be by you. You only live once. Live your life as yourself, not trying to be something you’re not. The key letter in the word “unique” is the “u”. There is no one better to play the part of you, other than yourself. Therefore, I believe that being unique leads to a happy and memorable life.

I recently had a friend tell me how much she appreciated my uniqueness. I was somewhat shocked. I know I’m unique, but to know that others can tell makes me feel even better about myself. I blushed a little bit, as well as smiled shyly. I felt great about myself, thanks to her. I thanked her and turned away, not knowing what to say. I was grateful, but somewhat embarrassed because of my lack of words for her. She motivated me to stay level-headed, and to remain as unique as I am. Praise is always appreciated, but it’s also good practice for not getting too prideful. My friend noticed my uniqueness, which definitely made me happy.

Aside from praise, friends are also an enjoyable part of life. I’ve made a lot of friends in my lifetime, but one really sticks out in my mind. I can easily remember waking into Mr. Reid’s room, and introducing myself to a girl sitting by herself in the corner. She was very interesting, and I could easily tell she was her own person. Turned out we had the next class together, and the next, and the next. We talked all throughout those classes, and we’ve been talking up a storm ever since. We are extremely close friends till this day. I’ve met many people in my life, and have had many friends, each very different from the next. More friends almost always means more happiness, or at least that’s the case for me.

Although I have a lot of friends, there is always room for more. For example, I recently attended Wilmore Camp meeting, and I really enjoyed it. I talked with almost everyone, and tried to make as many new friends as possible. There is always room for a little kindness, and if you don’t realize that, there’s a huge chance that you might miss out on a really great friend. I guess I realized that during my experience at camp. Some of those people I met have told my family members how much they appreciated my friendship, and kindness, not to brag. I believe I’m unique, just like everybody else, but I guess just in different aspects as others. Compliments are great for character building, and I have really appreciated those who have complimented me. These nice words have definitely made me a happier person, and have made me not want to change who I am at all.

Being my own person has really helped me realize how enjoyable my life has been thus far. Being myself and not trying to fit the “mold” has helped me figure out who I am. No matter how much you try to fit in, you will always be your own person. . Stay true to yourself, and many others will stay true to you.

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