My Family

December 16, 2007
By kyle collins, Nicholasville, KY

What if you never really got to know your family? I know I would feel lonely and not love in this world. I cant even start to image that feeling. This what led me to my belief. I believe that spending time with family is important.

I got to know my cousins very well by all the things we have done. We have played sports together and watch sporting events together. For example we all pretty much like football so every time where together we play a game. Sometimes if its football season we will watch games together. Then we will usually talk about our favorite teams or players and that leads to good conversations. We also go places together. Like during the summer we go swimming. Last we go on vacations together. This summer we went to the beach; there we had loads of fun and allowed us to bond. This is what allowed me to really get to know my cousins and make them like my best friends.

Next I have got to know my grandpa very good. The reason is we went on a trip together once. On that trip I learned many things about him. For example I learned about his childhood. He told me how he grew up in Brooklyn, New York. That he became a boxer when he was older. These stories made me wish the trip would never end because I really loved listening to him tell his stories. This is what let us get so close to one another.

Last the thing that lets you get close to your family is family reunions. These are so good because they let you meet family members you did not know before. Family reunions also allow you to see relatives you haven’t seen in a while. This is good because you get to see how your relatives have grown and learn what they are doing now. This is good time to see your family before you all have to go home. This is good because you get to know your family better, get closer to them, and learn all about your family.

I believe that time spent with family is time worth spent. Like with my trip with my grandpa. It was important because that trip brought us closer. That why family is so important.

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