The Purpose of Life

December 16, 2007
By Matt Carbol, Nicholasville, KY

Why do you think God put us here? There has to be a reason. I believe this reason is because we all have a purpose.

I once had an experience where I went to school with a lot of hobos around. My school was in downtown Lexington. It wasn’t a very rich area. The hobos would always ask for money but could never be trusted with it. Whenever I got out of school, you would be able to see vodka bottles on the sidewalk. Seeing them live horrible lives made me want to work harder at school. I believe a hobo’s purpose is to make kids not want to be like them.

While I was at the same school, I ran into a little wheelchair man named George. George wasn’t very nice, but I don’t think he could help it. He would always hit and kick kids that where closest to him. Although he is retarded, he was always happy with what he had. I believe George’s purpose was to make the people around him feel lucky that they didn’t end up like him. It wouldn’t feel too good to not be able to walk.

I also knew a girl with a really bad brain tumor. She played t-ball on my brother’s team. I always thought she was the best on the team. She also went to my old church. When she found out that she had brain tumor, she was only seven years old. She didn’t live long after they told her that she had it. Even though she didn’t live long, I’m sure she brought happiness to her family and friends while she was alive.

Everyone has a purpose even if they don't think so. I haven't seen George since 4th grade, but I am sure he is doing fine and helping people appreciate what they have. This concludes my belief that we are all here because we all have something to give.

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