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December 16, 2007
Searching for lost papers the night before a deadline never turns out good. Before every project or notebook has to be turned in I am always scrambling to find one or two papers that I have lost. Getting a bad grade is never good in my house. I like to be with my friends and not being grounded. So I believe everyone needs a little organization.

When I am organized it always saves time when I’m getting a paper put together or just wanting to study. When I’m organized I can use the time that I would use to find the material to study it. Instead of rushing to find the missing material I can use that time to study, watch a TV show, or my favorite sleep. Just because it takes time to do doesn’t mean it’s bad. In the long run organizing before hand saves time and causes less stress.

Being organized can help me get better grades. When my notes are organized I can get help on my homework. It is easier to study for a test and I can study longer when all of my notes are in order. This can also help me get good grades on projects, homework, notebooks, and even papers. Organization can make most of things I will do in school easier.
When I was younger and when school was easier I thought that throwing everything together at the last minute was easier then keeping everything in order. Middle school was a little hard so I would keep everything all jumbled up in a folder that I would sort through when I needed something. Now that I see that school is harder and more important keeping my notebooks, locker and folders organized helps me stay on track. Since I have changed I have seen that I have been staying organized with my locker by my class order, my English and math books by putting everything in order by date helps me study. When I had to turn in my bell ringers in English I had the dates on them and organized so it was easier to make sure I had all of my papers. It puts less stress on me when its time to turn things in. When finals come up during school I can study with ease. When I get a job or go into my career I will need to be organized so my job will be easier or so I can turn in things at the deadlines.
I know that this will help me get through high school. It will help me get into college, and then possibly the career of my choice. Organization can help me as an adult with money and it will make being a parent easier when taking care of my children.
When I go to college and get into the career, that I like, I will always believe that I will always need a little organization in my life.

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