Working for It

December 13, 2007
By james fitch, Nicholasville, KY

Have you ever worked so hard for something and it’s better than you thought? Have you ever won or received something and you just don’t think you deserve it? We all have different feelings about how to achieve our goals. I believe that hard work and determination have always been the best way to get what you want. Sometimes, what we learn along the way is even better than the outcome.

For those that play golf, you know that you can have the worst and best games all in the same day, myself included. Golf is one of my favorite things to do in warm weather and I play a lot. Just because I play doesn’t mean that I am good. I have worked very hard and spent a lot of time playing golf and it has paid off. Even though some days I am not very determined to do well, I still go out and play and finish. This has taught me many things about golf and life. By working hard and being determined I have become a better golfer.
My determination does not end on the green. To maintain high grades it takes more than just brains. Last year, over Christmas break, we were assigned the daunting task of thinking up a science experiment. We not only had to come up with our experiment, we needed to hypothesize, test and record the data. We then presented our findings to a group of judges. We all know that homework over a weekend is hard enough, but over Christmas break, that’s nearly impossible, and completely not fair! I knew that if I turned the project in late, my grade would suffer.
So, while my little brothers played Xbox, or enjoyed the rest of break any way they wanted, I was downstairs thinking and working. I ended up being one of only a few with it done right, and I got a good grade.
My work ethic did not just come to me one day. I have had many experiences that have shaped my belief. The experiences that have helped me the most were when I was nine years old. I loved Legos! I loved building Legos, playing Legos - Legos Legos Legos! The latest, greatest Lego set had come out and man, did I want it. It was so cool. The “Republic Gunship” had four Lego guys and two spaceships. It was one awesome Lego! I loved everything about it, except for its Price tag. “$100, Chandler, you know that is to much. You are going to have to work for that much money.”, my mom told me. At first I was so disappointed. But then I thought, I can do this. All summer long I worked for that Lego. When I walked up to the cashier, carrying the box almost as big as me, I could not have been more proud. After dropping $100.00 worth of ones, fives and tens, I could not have felt any happier. All that hard work had paid off. After a couple hours of building, I was ready to battle whatever my little brother had created.
“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all”, says Sam Ewing. I feel that hard work and determination is what separates the “men from the boys”. I feel that with a serious work ethic, you can achieve whatever you want to in life. This I believe.

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