Taking for Granted

December 13, 2007
By Danielle Smith, Nicholasville, KY

“Don’t take anyone for granted Danielle. They may not be there tomorrow” said my mom. As I shook it off and barley listened to her I never even thought about it because I never thought anyone in my life would die or go away from me. However what I had assumed when I was young was wrong. I believe you should live everyday like tomorrow was your last and to never take anyone you love for granted.

Never take anyone for granted is my lesson learned, My Dad was my hero my person I went to for everything. He was basically the coolest person, We were a lot alike and we got along. My dad passed away in April of 2005. This experience was my lesson learned through this experience I have grown as a person honestly that is what I believe. That was a very tragic time in my life but it was also a time of growing. It taught me to love more and be closer to people it also taught me to never take it for granted that someone will be there everyday.

However that is not the only time I had to grow from something this tragic. I had a similar experience about two weeks after this had happened My very close uncle David died of a massive heart attack. This made my family smaller and less joyful for the holidays.However i really feel like he lived his life the way he wanted it to be lived and he lived by this quote in life. He believed to live everyday as if you were to not be here the next and i think that this is why i believe my statement so much. My best memories of him were during the holidays when my family was all together he played "santa" for christmas and handed out all of our presents. I learned to never take anyone that you love for granted because you will regret it. Our holidays are still great but not as great as they used to be when my huge family was together.

Through the years i have also learned to never take your best friends for granted ethier. I have had two of my best friends to move out of the state after i had developed a great friendship with them. We were together everyday spent time on the weekends together and we just had a great time. When i was young i never thought they would ever move away or leave but they did. It is very disappointing and upsetting but life is like a roller coaster it has it's ups and its downs along the way.

Take my advice and don't ever assume that life will be there tomorrow or your best friend or family will always be there. Life is short but you have to live it Dont think that your best friend is always going to be there to hangout with you on the weekends or your dad is going to be there to drive around with you on saturdays. i believe you should not take life and the ones you love for granted live your life to the fullest every day it is possible.

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