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December 13, 2007
“You know, maybe if you shut up, you might get something done.” That’s what my mom says to me all the time. I believe that actions speak louder than words. She’s got a point; you can’t do two things at a time.

This time is a perfect example. The time when I got my new computer. I wanted internet so I didn’t have to use the slow computer downstairs. That computer is downstairs, I’m upstairs. Since scientists haven’t hurried up and made those Ethernet cables that can go through walls, I find myself in a predicament. So I talk to my dad to see what to do. That was one of the shortest conversations I can remember. “What should we do?” I asked my dad.
“Maybe we can, uh, make a hole in the ceiling,” my dad responded.
“It sounds good to me.”
Well, the internet’s a great new aspect to my room now.

Speaking of something of mine. One time I had a gunked up controller. It was a controller for Guitar Hero III. So it was like a little guitar, a plastic guitar. One of the buttons kept getting stuck. This was really annoying me so I wanted to do something about it. First I talked to my dad to see what he thought. I thought we should just pry it open and see where the fire was. However, we agreed on a less invasive maneuver by blowing into the buttons. This worked for a short time; figures, it failed after about a day or so. So now I was angry. I was so angry I had to write how angry I was. Anyway, I took the controller downstairs, to the basement, and started the surgery. Allen wrench. I took out the screws holding the patient together. I was expecting to see wires everywhere, its innards. Surprisingly, I was surprised. Instead I saw a very simple setup. Cleaning cloth. I easily fix the patient, and we now rock happily ever after.

Speaking of happily ever after, I have a story of a not so happily ever after. I was building a catapult with some of my friends a while ago. We were in a competition to see whose catapult would throw a water balloon the farthest. Now I’m going to try this new thing. I’m going to tell the story backwards. The catapult launched the water balloon very far away from itself. However, the competition was about distance and direction. Oh, the catapult launched it far all right, but it practically became an anti-air catapult. Before that we figured out we couldn’t find a counterweight. The catapult was actually a trebuchet; it had a long flinging arm and a heavy counterweight. Even before that we couldn’t even get a swing action; that’s necessary, by the way, at the end where we put the water balloon. However, before that we were talking, wasting time. Thar’ she blows! The problem is right there! There we were talking, instead of building. If we hadn’t wasted so much time we could’ve fixed our problems!

Learning from my problems, you can talk all you want, but unless you do something, nothing’s going to happen.

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