December 13, 2007
By Sarah Byrnes, Nicholasville, KY

What would happen if we told a person a day that we loved them? Would they say the same thing back? Saying those simple words could bring people a lot closer and maybe the world be less violent. I believe that love conquers all.
Sisters fight but sometimes too much. I know that I fight with mine way to much. The fights always start with arguing and then escalate to violence. My sister and I can normally go for a long time before anyone gets hurt, but once someone does get hurt it is usually my sister. After she gets hurt she always says that she hates me. My sister will go cry for a while then come back inside and tell me she is sorry for starting a fight. The last time we got into a fight it ended with me holding her down because she was throwing all of her stuff down the stairs. My sister and I both learned a lesson about being mean to each other that day.

Everybody fights with their dad at some point in their life. My dad and I were playing soccer when the whole thing started. The game would have kept going on but he started to cheat and that just made me mad. The way my dad was cheating was using his hands when playing soccer. The only reason the game ended is because I told him that I hated him. Then we went into the house to calm down and to get our minds off of our fight. Later on he said that he was sorry for cheating and said that he loved me and we forgot why we were fighting. This has been the only major fight that we have had. My dad and I have not had a big fight since then.

If you are a teenage girl you will end up fighting with your mom at some point in time. It all started the day before we moved and my sister and I were being really bad. My mom started yelling at the top of her lungs. She said that we were grounded, but then took it back because she realized that we were moving. Once the yelling had subsided, she started to cry and say she was the worst mom ever. To get her to stop crying I told her that I loved her and that we would be good for the rest of the day. I also promised her that we would behave the next day that included not fighting. I didn’t think that it would work but it did and my mom stopped crying. My mom and I learned the lesson that a little love can go a long way.

I have to believe that the world would be less violent if everyone said those three simple words. Saying I love you could make someone’s day and could help resolve problems when you are fighting with someone close to you. I believe that love can overcome anything.

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