Something Good

December 13, 2007
“When it rains, it pours. But through every cloud, you can always find the sun.” This is something that I had to learn the hard way, but now, I completely believe it. I believe that there will always be something good in every bad situation.
“I don’t even care anymore!” that is what my best friend told me when we got in one of the biggest fights of we’ve ever faced. It started as a simple disagreement over what we wanted to eat, but it slowly grew into a highly offensive argument, stabbing at each other’s worst habits. As each comeback got a little more daring and eager to offend, the tension became so thick that you could cut it with a knife. By the next morning, we had both thought things over and decided to make up. We are both glad that we had this fight because it tested our friendship in ways that could never have occurred with a small fight alone.
Unlike with Ashley, I’m always fighting with my dad. It usually pushed me to the point tears out of anger, regret, and wishing everything was better. When we put a supercharger on our boat we discovered every weak link in the engine. This was suddenly a project for my father and me to do together. You see, when we were busy being “grease monkeys” together, with our heads ducked in the engine compartment, we weren’t thinking about our usual arguments. We were focused on fixing our boat. So even though it was a bummer that our boat broke, my dad and I became closer and found something to do together that we both enjoy.
Although the latter stories played a big role in learning this important life lesson, I learned this the most through my own emotional and physical pain. You see, I used to be crazy about horses when I was twelve. I would disappear to the stables for hours every day and ride everyday but one day, my whole life got turned upside down. I was riding my horse one afternoon when something spooked him and he started to buck. It was a simple fall, yet somehow I almost snapped my spine. Suddenly I found myself with so many restrictions that I was lucky if I got to walk down the street by myself because the doctors were afraid that I’d jar my back and become permanently paralyzed. I went to see multiple doctors daily for two years straight and slowly I began to lose hope that I would get better. But when they started the treatments I found that I gained pain relief with each treatment I got. Although I was still terrified, things seemed to be getting better and with each day that passed, I would pick one thing that made my day better. Still to this day I pick out at least one thing that makes my day worth while.
I believe that things unseen are the things that can be most important to notice in your life. Remember to let your heart see what your eyes cannot and learn what your mind can’t comprehend, for things unseen can sometimes be the sweetest things in life.

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