Just My Camera, Me, and the Sunrise

December 13, 2007
As I step onto the wet morning grass, the smell of the waking flowers and the early morning breeze consumes me. I take a few steps toward the horizon and gently hold my camera between my hands. I walk over to the gravel pathway and I begin to walk. This is my time to think, to wonder. There are no worries out here; no friends, no boys, no school, no parents. Just my camera, me, and the sunrise. I can be anything I desire to be, strive to be. I point my camera to the sky, and capture the warm sunrise. I turn down a side street, and stumble upon a young girl with her beautiful dog. I take a shot, never wanting to forget childhood and all that it offers. I long for those days, where I had no care in the world, except to enjoy my life. I continue down the narrow drive; just my camera, me, and the sunrise. I come across an old, abandoned church house, and begin to relive my religious past. I think of my old churches, and how much I miss the way they used to be and how I miss the amazing relationships that were formed. I think about how much God has impacted my life and how important He is to me. I raise my camera to eye level, and I capture the antique beauty of the place, and all that it symbolizes for me. I stride back over to the sidewalk, and just sit. This is my time to think, and wonder. Just my camera, me, and the sunrise.

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