Acting Tough

December 13, 2007
By Stephen Whelan, Nicholasville, KY

Ever wonder why people hide their true selves? To act all tough and be somebody they’re not. Why is that necessary? I bet they would show their true selves if they were in a bad situation. I believe how you act you in a crisis or problem shows who you really are.

I was up at the skate park just hanging out with my friends. One of my friends who I will not name is a tough guy. You know the type that keeps to himself and never complains about anything or shows emotion. I thought something was wrong with the guy. Later that day I was sitting on the stairs then suddenly this kid on rollerblades jumps down the stairs and does a 180 spin and lands crooked and falls. Tough guy runs over there and said, “ His leg is broken someone get an ambulance, come on hurry my friend is hurt!” At that moment I realized this kid was actually concerned and possibly scared that his friend was hurt. No….not this kid…….really. I felt kind of happy to see him act like this.

For some reason it made think back to the time my Dad was hurt. Me, Jody and my Dad were out playing basketball. Jody is guy that always has fun making fun of other people and laughing when they get hurt. My Dad, being the show off that he is decides to go up for a dunk. As soon as the ball goes through the basketball goal comes crashing down and hits my Dad in the forehead. Jody bursts out laughing until he realizes my Dad isn’t moving. For a second I was terrified until Jody got quiet and he ran to the backdoor and got a wet rag. He helped my Dad get to his feet and clean his cut. Wow Jody really does care. I though I would never see the day.

As soon as I got home that day I just sat in my room with my Dad. I don’t know why but I looked at him and said, “Hey Dad if I got hurt what would you do? Laugh?” My Dad turned and looked me straight in the eyes. He said, “Son I would never want to see you hurt.” It’s funny because I knew he was going to say it. Why did I ask that question? My Dad may seem like a jerk sometimes but deep down he cares. I realize that now.

Hard times cause people to act the way they really are. No matter how big and tough you think you are. I thank my Dad for showing me the meaning of this.

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