Keep Trying

December 13, 2007
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If you wanted to do something so bad would you stop at nothing to be able to do it? I believe that persistence wins out.

Hike twenty miles no big problem right, wrong especially in one day. I was in no way physically fit to do it. So I tried anyway, I had to pace myself by at least going one mile in thirty minutes, and I finally got about seven miles in one day. Not bad for my first try. I tried repeatedly, day after day and finally I made it, a whole twenty miles in one day, but my persistence did not stop there.

Sighting a gun, that is easy. Not for the first time it is not. I had shot 100 rounds and still I could not get the thing sighted. I kept adjusting the sight back and forth. Finally, after 156 rounds I hit the sweet spot. I hit that target dead center. See my persistence paid off. I hope that it will not take as long next time, and still the persistence rolls on.

Showing goats, no problem yeah right. I had to work on my placement switching and keeping my eyes on the judge at all times. Most of all the big finale, answering the judges questions correctly. By doing these persistently, I was not the best, but I was better than the rest at showing goats.

If you try, you will succeed. Doing things persistently will make you better at many things. The things that I do repeatedly I become more knowledgeable about that subject. It was worth every minute of it.-

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