Memories are Forever

December 13, 2007
Memories are Forever. I am certain of this. Even though a human life is short, memories are passed from person to person, and pretty soon, years after that individual is gone, friends and family still share stories and experiences. I believe that even though life is short, memories withstand the years.
I was about six years old when my family and I moved from Garrard County, to here in Jessamine County. I remember the day that I told my fellow first-graders/ and friends that I was moving. I remember the sadness emanating from everyone, including myself. Even as first graders, we realized that we would share no more crazy and vibrant slumber parties, and no more running around the cow fields or climbing on hay-bales on the friend’s farm (which was completely normal for me and my friends). Now, after eight years, I have lost contact with all but one friend. Although most of my old friends and I no longer talk to each other, I know from talking to the one friends I still have, I am assured that my old friends still remember me, and the good times of tag and hay-bale climbing, and I know that they will last longer than my lifetime as the stories are passed down.
Moving was not the only way that I lost a loved one. It was only a few years ago when I lost my grandpa after he battled cancer. He wasn’t very mobile and sometimes really grouchy by all of the years he had seen, but I still had good memories of him. He had a toothless grin, which was made more humorous by his false teeth, and he always wore a flannel shirt and “old people shoes.” His house was filled with furniture he had made himself in his “younger days” and he was very proud of it. I remember that whenever he would give us his opinion, he would finish it off with he special phrase “Oh, I don’t know,” and dismiss the thought with a wave of his hand. He was a very strange and quirky fellow, and his memory will be with me, and so many others for many years to come.

Speaking of memories with grandparents, my grandmother passed away six years ago, and it’s still hard to believe. Even my mom picks up the phone to call her on occasion. I remember her vividly; she had curly brown hair, big trifocals, a warm smile, and she was very generous and loving- she was all that and more. I remember everything we used to do together; from raking leaves to making homemade cookies even watching hours of Barney when I was a toddler. I tend to think that things I did with her stay in my mind because she was the only grandmother I had ever known and she was special to me because of that (even without being as great as she was.) Whatever the reason is, I am glad to have these memories to carry with me through my life and share with others. Although she has been gone for some years now, she stays in some many people’s hearts and minds- the hearts and minds of those who knew her.

As the years have gone by, I know that I will carry my memories with me always- the memories of things I did and people I knew. I know that memories are very precious, because life can hit and someone or something may be taken out of your life, and the only thing you would have would be the memories. My advice-Whatever you do, never let the memories go.

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