Depending on Friends

December 13, 2007
Are you aware of how much you depend on your friends? Do you give them credit for what they’re worth? I believe you always need a good friend.

It was the day I think all students fear, the first day of high school. I think back to my days in middle school and say to myself “Am I really ready for this.” I talk with my friends the night of freshman orientation, and we all express our fears about what’s to come. When the day finally comes I try to play it off as much as I can so I don’t look as scared as I actually am. I hang out with my friends as much as I can so I don’t end up getting lost. It’s no sweat, I make it through it just fine. When I get home, I realize however that I couldn’t have done it without my friends.

As I step back in time to a harder part of my life I can’t help but think what I would I have done without my best friend. When I was in fourth grade my parents went through a divorce and I was devastated. I had no idea what to do. I just needed someone to be there for me and help me through it. That’s where my best friend came in; I talked to him and told him what I was going through. I come to find out that he had gone through a similar hardship and he gave me advice on what he did and it really helped me out. I think the thing that really helped me the most though was knowing that I had someone there that I could trust and rely on for support; a person in my life like no other, a friend.

Then to a more recent problem that I seem to face every day with my own mother. Even in a situation as personal as this I still could rely on a good friend to help me through. Just like the problem I told you about previously there were similarities in our predicaments. He was facing the same struggle. We talk and it seems that we fix each others problems with our own. I used him as a sort of release valve to vent my frustration when, I didn’t understand why she was mad. It really helped me a lot to know that I wasn’t the only one out there facing this emotionally stressful situation. Once again it really makes me feel good that I have someone out there that I can trust and rely on.

As I have found out a good friend is a blessing well needed. They help you through difficult and trying times. Also it helps to know that you have someone out there looking out for you.

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